Cedar Grove Inn - Cedar Grove Inn, Vicksburg, MS - car broken into while in parking lot

Posted on Sunday, September 21st, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by d154dac3

Company: Cedar Grove Inn


Category: Hotels

We booked our stay at the Cedar Grove Inn at Vicksburg, MS anticipating a pleasant stay at this antebellum lodge that charges a high class $150.00 per night. (or more) They have large lovely grounds that cover a city block, and suggested that we park in a small lot near the "carriage house" where are rooms were located. We noticed that they had gates entering this lot but they were never closed. On the morning we were to leave after a two night stay, I discovered that my car had been broken into by someone smashing the driver window with a brick. The lodge employees were helpful in cleaning up the mess, but the owner would not talk to us. He simply sent word that we could stay an extra night; a meaningless offer because of our schedule and the lodge was not even 50% booked. The damage to my car was over $1800 of which I paid a $500 deductible. I wrote to owner suggesting that in all fairness, he should pay half of my insurance costs. He replied that he was sorry but that he was not legally liable and in effect those are "the breaks". I want all your readers to know that this lodge is located in a dangerous area of the city. I have learned that 2 other similiar incidents occurred near or at the Lodge in the month prior to my incident in May 2003. The lodge provides no security. It provides no warnings. It stands on legal grounds and has no concept of what is fair to it's guests. What are they doing in the hospitality industry? Robert

Austin, TX


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