GE - GE Profile Ranges - glass oven door exploded into thousands of pieces - told by GE that GE wouldn't pay for replacement door

Posted on Saturday, September 20th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by d39ef1d3

Product: Profile Range

Company: GE

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

I have a ge range for a little over five years. Yesterday, while I was in another room the glass oven door exploded into thousands of pieces . The oven was not in use, nor was it used for about a week.

When I spoke with a representative, they said I would have to pay for a new glass. I did some research and found other instances of the same problems on the internet.

I feel this is a serious and dangerous problem and General Electric should be responsible. Please give me some help!


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7397975b, 2007-11-21, 08:31AM CST

I just reported the same problem to this site, to GE Consumer Relations, and to the Better Business Bureau. The oven is brand new, we've only used it three times. While baking biscuits at 350 degrees, we heard a loud smash and came running into the kitchen to find the interior glass shattered. Glass sprayed all over the food. GE CARES told us that we'd have to pay for the service visit and whatever repair costs there were. I was totally shocked that this company would not stand behind what is obviously a DEFECTIVE and DANGEROUS product.

3e11d7b7, 2008-05-11, 09:57AM CDT

I just had the same issue with my GE oven. The door glass just exploded while the oven was not in use. GE should repair this defect!

4cf0fd27, 2008-11-03, 10:04AM CST

This same thing happened to us. I think I will print this and send it to everyone I know! I had my 10 year old son in the kitchen when it happened. You better believe that if he had been hurt they'd be doing something about it. It's too bad that it'll have to take something like that before they will.

cc242697, 2008-12-27, 08:53PM CST

I to was cooking in my brand new oven, and walked in to check on my pork chops baking at 425 degrees, and saw the glass in the door had shattered. This oven is only 1 year old, and for no reason at all just broke. I have emailed GE and left messages, but have not gotten any answers. Anyone else with this problem ?

c244868d, 2009-01-23, 12:15AM CST

Just today I did a self clean on my GE oven and when it was over I looked at the door only to see that the inner glass was completly shattered. Now I am having trouble locating a replacement part as well.

477b78ce, 2009-08-11, 10:22AM CDT

We returned home yesterday to find that the outer glass window was shattered on our GE Profile Wall oven. It was not being used and no one was in the house??? $250 for the part and two weeks to deliver. No recall in sight.

d8dd346e, 2009-08-31, 09:16PM CDT

We had 2 years of using the oven . That day we were not using it and was not used for over 1 week and a half and i just heard a big crash and the next thing i knew the front glass of the oven was shattered in a million pieces in the floor . We have one month of the oven being like that and is really hard to find a replacement for it .

51f820cb, 2009-09-01, 02:07PM CDT

during open house juice spilled on door same problem shattered glass same response pay for it yourself

b413c596, 2009-11-22, 12:24PM CST

My GE oven door exploded in to pieces 24 hours after I did a self oven clean. I was in other room when it happened or I wouldn't have believe it happened without anyone touching it.

f147f58f, 2010-01-01, 07:11PM CST

My wife was cooking a rib roast today.Approx. 10 min. after the oven was shut off we heard a loud pop and found that the inner glass of our G.E. Profile oven shattered. Of course our New Years Day dinner was peppered with glass and had to be thrown away. I immediately called G.E. and I was told that she had never heard of this problem before. Of course it is not under Warranty. Only 3 years old though.

d7dcc57c, 2010-03-09, 08:11AM CST

Our door exploded yesterday with a 7 month old puppy and young child in area.

The unit is 16 yrs old. Not in use at the time. Why?

dd4ae8b0, 2010-07-20, 08:15AM CDT

I've only had my GE Profile for two years, last night, all of a sudden, we hear a loud pop and the glass door explodes. What if my child had been around, there was shattered glass all over my kitchen. I bought the extended warranty, but they say it's not covered. It's obviously a manufacturer's defect and they should pay for this...I would like some help!!

130104a8, 2011-01-22, 01:20PM CST


The inner glass shattered today. This has to be a recall! I will post later after I hear the outcome.

11ab11d9, 2011-02-09, 09:01AM CST

Our GE Range/Oven is less then 3 years old. We noticed that the door wasn't closing completely and last evening the outer glass exploded into thousands of pieces. There is obviously a problem with these doors. We have had other problems with GE appliances in the past and will NEVER buy anything with a GE logo on it. GE you have a corporate responsibility to reasonably stand behind your product. Maybe you should put customers first and I guarantee that your shareholders will benefit!

f6ed567a, 2012-02-10, 09:51AM CST

three days ago while out of town on business my wife turned our less-than-2-year-old GE oven on to cook dinner. A few minutes later she heard a boom and opened the oven door to find the inner glass shattered all over the inside of the oven. Same experience as the others posts here - called GE and was told I had to pay a service charge of 99.95 plus parts and labor, or 99.95 if I opted not to have them fix it. Someone needs to go after them with a class action suit on this crappy appliance.

hillo c., 2013-01-18, 11:18AM CST

I guess this looks like a recurring problem with GE! Had I known this, I wouldn't have dropped $1200 on this stove. My inner glass panel shattered too right after I turned on the broiler. A minute later there was a loud boom and a million tiny pieces of glass everywhere in my oven, in my food, in the drawer and the worst part was my 7 year old was 2 feet away when this happened. I shudder to think what could have happened if that outer glass shattered instead. I too called GE the next day and the same wizards ask, "is it past the one year?" well yes it was, in fact it was a year and a half old! What the hell difference does it make if it is one year or 5 years old?! Crap like that doesn't just happen (also I only use the oven about 1x/week! We grill outdoors most days!) Thats a defect in their product and for a company that prides itself on being "a continuous leader in innovation for the appliance industry since 1907" they really should consider looking into this exploding door problem rather than pulling the old, "its out of warranty card." Take responsibility for this flaw, GE, it will only be a matter of time before someone is seriously injured and you have a major lawsuit on your hands. Never again, will I purchase a GE product.

a24dac6f, 2013-03-18, 10:23AM CDT

Bought a GE Profile 30" gas range at the end of January and yesterday (1.5 months later) the inner oven door glass shattered. Right now I am being told that it will be a week to get it fixed. The operator we spoke to said that they knew nothing of this being a re-occurring issue. Maybe someone from GE need to do some research into customer complaints. Thought after all the complaint posts from 2007-2009 something might be done about this problem. Any difference between glass manufacturers for ovens sold in Canada vs. US.

harold w., 2013-03-25, 08:06PM CDT


0cf3972c, 2013-12-04, 05:40PM CST

I have a new GE Profile gas range with a gas convection oven. It was delivered two weeks ago. I used the broiler on high setting and the inside glass shattered. I am going to return this stove to the dealer. Will replace it with another brand.

77762512, 2014-07-29, 04:09AM CDT

I was researching new appliances for a condo we just purchased and noticed there seems to be a issue/problem with the oven glass breaking. It seems that the self-cleaning feature might be an issue as well as the glass manufacturer. Any opinions on the subject? Any other lines/brands we should avoid?


Possible reasons behind exploding glass:

Self-clean feature? **

Flaw in the glass manufacturing process? **

Are the cheaper built appliances more prone to failure...see below article

And the link below talks about the glass manufacturer...

Comment on the glass manufacturer here>>

"There is one glass manufacturer (Pilkington I think) that makes glass for a whole bunch of different manufacturers, and they identified that there was potentially a fault with the tempering process (which has now been rectified).?

News stories on the subject:,601635,page=6

Customer complaints:


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