Jeep - 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo / Spitzer Dodge Service, Lakewood, OH - paid $ 4,000 to fix transmission problem - the car isn't worth that much

Posted on Friday, September 19th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by f42e0235

Product: 1994 Grand Cherokee Laredo

Company: Jeep

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Spitzer Dodge Service, Lakewood, OH - paid $ 4,000 to fix transmission problem - the car isn't worth that much I had a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo up until this year. Last year October I was experiencing hesitation when trying to accelerate until finally I could feel the car was having a hard time getting out of gear. I brought the Jeep in to Spitzer Dodge/ Jeep in Lakewood, Ohio who had given me the option of replacing the whole transmission or trying to run a chemical through to maybe bandaid the problem or possibly fix the problem. I opted for the $100 band-aid fix rather than the $3,000 replacement.

This worked up until early this year when I had to have it towed in because the car would not go forward or reverse. I was told I needed a total transmission rebuild or replacement. My inkling was to go for the replacement but I was coerced by the Service Manager into the rebuild claiming it would be a whole lot cheaper. I also inquired about just getting rid of the car altogether without having work done and was told my car would be worth $7,000 if it was fixed so it was still a good car worth something. Oh how I couldn't have been more wrong in my decision.

I agreed to let them go ahead and rebuild the transmission, They told me it was all rebuilt new parts where needed etc... etc... I was without the car for 2 weeks and paying for a rental. I got my car back only to have it completely die out on me again. It in fact was grinding on the way home from the dealership, there was no way they could have test driven the vehicle. This they tried to tell me the torque convertor was bad which in my research I have found should have been looked at before anything else and was most likely the transmission failure problem. I again was back to renting a car and found a wholesaler to give me a measly $1,500 for my car as is. The dealer would do nothing for me and said there was nothing Chrysler was willing to do since it had a little over 100,000 miles. The General Manager of the dealership in fact said he would never have allowed the work to be done on the vehicle in the first place had he known there was a '94 in their shop with transmission problems which does me no good after the $4,000 I spent for the whole ordeal.

The only saving grace I had was when Chrysler called to see how my service experience was and I could explain to him what a piece of junk Chrysler sold me, how terrible their Service at Spitzer was and how I will never buy another Chrysler product again and will steer everyone and their mother clear from buying the same. I was very happy in my new Toyota but having a new car payment and still paying for shoddy work does not seem right.


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