TV - 52 inch RCA TV - RCA mm52100 and DTC 100 - attempted to be repaired under warranty, but problems still exist - RCA high definition receiver also repaired, but with charge

Posted on Monday, September 15th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by a09454f7

Product: 52 inch RCA TV

Company: TV

Category: TV, Music, Video

I had my 52-inch RCA TV picked up to be repaired in January by a local authorized RCA repair shop. The repair was covered under warranty. It was returned, "repaired" in mid-April. According to the repair shop, RCA required the bulk of this time to figure out what was wrong with it.

Upon its return, I plugged in my RCA high definition receiver to the TV and discovered that it had broken sometime during the three and a half months that my TV was gone. My credit card had doubled the 90-day labor warranty on the receiver. Unfortunately, this warranty had expired while my TV was being repaired and only the parts warranty remained.

Under the circumstances, I thought RCA should not charge for the labor portion of the repair on the receiver so I asked if they would cover the cost of both labor and parts. They refused and told me that the labor repair would be $129. I thought that this was unfair but resigned myself to the fact that if I wanted my receiver working that I would need to pay for the labor.

Fortunately, my authorized RCA dealer said they could repair the receiver for $90 and that RCA would provide the part under the warranty at no charge. The shop learned that the part would not be in until early August (two and a half more months). I agreed to the long wait and the shop ordered the part from the supplier. When the part didn't show up on time, I called RCA and complained.

They said that the shop was not authorized to repair the receiver and only RCA could repair it. By the way, my TV still occasionally has the identical problems that caused it to be taken to the shop in the first place. These repairs have dragged on for eight months. RCA has the worst customer service of any business that I have ever done business with before.


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