AA Auto Transport - Ship by Rail - AA Auto Transport, San Diego, CA - has been in possession of my car for shipment from southern California to Maryland for 54 days

Posted on Monday, September 15th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 1fa30255

Product: Ship by Rail

Company: AA Auto Transport

Location: SAN DIEGO, CA, US

URL: www.shipbyrail.com

Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Ship by Rail, also known as AA Auto Transport, is a company based in San Diego, California which, through its advertising statements, strongly leads customers to believe that it ships their private autos coast to coast by rail in a maximum 21 days.

Ship by Rail markets through www.shipbyrail.com Itis located at 7968 Arjons Dr. #111, San Diego, CA 92126. Its 800 number is 536-7447.

I would strongly advise anyone against doing business with Ship by Rail/AA for the following reasons based on my own experience: As of today, 9/13/03, Ship by Rail/AA Auto Transport has been in possession of my car for shipment from southern California to Maryland for 54 days, from 7/21/03 to now, far beyond the maximum 21 days the company advertises. For the first 50 days that SbyR/AA had my car, no one from SbyR/AA contacted

me in any way about the car, its location or its delivery date.

Every contact with the company during this extended period was initiated by me or by my family member who awaits delivery of the car on the east coast. We began to contact SbyR/AA only after 21 days had passed, since we understood from SbyR/AA's statements that it could take that long for shipping and delivery. From the 21st day of our car's possession by SbyR to the present, the 54th day, we have contacted SbyR/AA numerous times. At no time during that period has SbyR/AA given us accurate information about the car's location or delivery date. Information given to me verbally by phone on 8/11 and 8/18/03 by SbyR about the car's location on rail at that time, including info. given to me by SbyR/AA company vice president Dion Saks proved to be 100% wrong, leading us to believe that the car was much closer to its destination than it actually


I learned that it was wrong information when I contacted Union Pacific Railroad customer service on 8/20/03. Union Pacific employees were extemely helpful and professional and their ability to track any auto being shipped by rail through its VIN number allowed me to know where my car actually was and on what railroad it had been shipped, even though it was not shipped by Union Pacific. SbyR/AA could not or did not chose to provide such correct information at any time. The tracking number given to us by SbyR/AA that was supposed to allow us to track our car's rail progress online did not work. It was Union Pacific employees, not SbyR/AA, who kindly and voluntarily, through professional concern, contacted me, to my surprise, to let me know that my car had reached its final rail destination in New Jersey on 8/22/03. SbyR/AA supervisor Isaac, contacted by me by phone, said that the car would be delivered to my relative's home on the east coast by tow truck on 8/25 or 8/26 from the rail terminal in New Jersey.

Originally we were to pick it up in Maryland but we were told by SbyR/AA that a "management override" was now going to allow it to be delivered directly to the home rather than to a tow truck yard in Maryland for pickup. The car was to be picked up in New Jersey at the Newark/Doremus rail termnal and delivered to Silver Spring, Maryland by Accurate Towing of Silver Spring, according to the original documents we received from SbyR/AA when we left the car for shipping.

However, when I asked Judy of SbyR/AA on 8/26 for the name and phone number of the company who would be delivering the car from New Jersey, since I wondered if it was in fact the same Accurate Towing, Judy refused to give me that information and would not say why she would not give it to me. I asked her if it was company policy, for some reason.

She would not say whether it was or was not company policy. She simply refused to give me the number. However, when my relative called SbyR/AA that same day to ask for the New Jersey contact phone number, SbyR/AA was willing to give a New Jersey phone number. However, this New Jersey number, we immediately found, was out of service! By the end of the business day on 8/26/03 the car had not been delivered and no one had contacted us. Subsequent calls to SbyR/AA by us resulted in Isaac of SbyR/AA promising to deliver the car to us on 8/30, then on 8/31, then on 9/1/03. Each day, the car was not delivered and no one contacted us about it, so each time we had to call SbyR/AA again to ask about it. At the end of the business day on 9/1/03, when the car had not been delivered, I filed a complaint about SbyR/AA through the Better Business Bureau of San Diego website noted above. On 9/2/03 SbyR/AA's Isaac, when contacted by us, said that the car had been "lost" in the New Jersey

rail terminal lot for 4 days. Previously Isaac had said that the tow truck had broken down. Isaac said the car would be delivered on 9/3. It was not delivered and no one contacted us. We called SbyR/AA again and were told by Isaac that the tow truck driver had now had to go to the dentist, but the car would be delivered on 9/4. When it was not delivered on 9/4 and no one called us, we again called Isaac at SbyR, who said that the tow truck driver was now home sick from going to the dentist but that another tow truck driver, called Mike, would be calling us about delivering the car "soon".

Mike never called. Then SbyR said that the car would be delivered on 9/6 or 9/7. Dion Saks, SbyR/AA vice president, was supposed to call us if the car was not delivered by then. The car was not delivered and he did not call us. On 9/8 when my relative called Dion Saks at SbyR/AA, he said the car would be delivered on 9/9 or 9/10. Dion Saks also told us that the car might just be "dropped off" by the tow truck driver, WITHOUT a call letting us know, with the keys left "on the wheel" or "in the gas tank".

Since the person receiving the car lives in a multi-story apartment bldg. with a locked garage and streets full of parked cars for blocks around, this "drop off" plan was unbelievable, yet company VP DIon Saks reiterated it several times during a phone conversation. In a later conversation, Isaac of SbyR/AA claimed that no one at SbyR/AA could have said that, but indeed the company VP Dion Saks had said it. Isaac, in an earlier coonversation, had engaged in a verbal outburst against

me as well, repeatedly, vehemently and incorrectly accusing me of being a customer who had used an epithet to describe his behavior to another SbyR during a previous call. I had found it necessary to calm Isaac down from his outburst to proceed wth the business of the call. This incident alone caused me to have grave doubts about the company's level of professionalism. SbyR/AA then extended the car's delivery date to 9/11 or 9/12, then to 9/13/03, but this time with no

accompanying reasons for the extension. This may be because their creativity in formulating such excuses was exhausted afte they used those of tow truck breakdown, car lost in the parking lot, dentist visit and driver

home sick the previous week. Vice President Dion Saks has said that our money will be refunded, but I want the Better Business Bureau to oversee this as SbyR/AA's word has not proven trustworthy .


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