1997 Dodge Dakota Sport Club Cab 4x4 5.2L - transmission slipping in 4th / overdrive - attempt at repairs failed

Posted on Sunday, September 8th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by dde44b18

Company: 1997 Dodge Dakota Sport Club Cab 4x4 5.2L - transmission slipping in 4th / overdrive - attempt at repairs failed

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RE: 1997 Dodge Dakota Sport Club Cab 4x4 5.2L - transmission slipping in 4th / overdrive - attempt at repairs failed

I bought this 1997 Dodge Dakota from a friend of my sister in-law in Nov 2001. The vehicle had 52000 miles on it when I purchased it. It was in excellent condition and ran great. I got it for a good deal and and have been happy with it until recently. The transmission upon shifting into 4th/overdirve (considered lockup condition) starts to shudder and slip. This only occurs in 4th/overdrive.

I took the vehicle to my local Dodge dealer who suggested I get the transmission serviced and fluid replaced with this (new) type of fluid that is being used in Dodge vehicles. $250 later, the problem still exists.

I went to another Dodge dealer near where I work and told them of the problem and other transmission related issues like upshift issues between 1st & 2nd (which they fixed) and the vibration issue ($600 repair bill). Guess what, no fix on the vibration/slippage problem.

I took the vehicle back to the Dodge dealer. They kept it all day. When I showed up to find out what, if anything, they had discovered, they told me they could not duplicate the problem. I asked if the technician could go for a ride with me and I would show them. I took him for a 15 mile test drive.

When he finally realized what I was talking about, he told me it was torque converter shudder and was un repairable. That is was a Dodge design engineering problem.

He told me he could put 5 transmissions / torque converters in my vehicle and they would all do the same thing and that I would have to live with the problem.

I was blown away when he told me that. He also told me they have been having problems like this on mostly all of the newer Dodge Rams and Dakotas. Some with less then 1000 miles on them. I asked him how could Dodge continue to sell vehicles with such flaws in design.

He told me that it is hurting sales. I visit http://www.dodgedakotas.com where any Dakota owner can go for possible help figuring thing out that the dealers can't or won't fix. This is the second Dodge that my wife and I have purchased (the other being a 1994 Caravan (bad transmission too)), which we just got rid of.

Dodge apparently doesn't know how to stand behind their product line and support the consumer. My wife and I will never purchase another Chrysler product again, nor will we recommend any to the people we associate with. I work in a plant with over 1000 employees. Word travels fast.


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10a26466, 2008-01-24, 09:17PM CST

Hello My name is Ray

I was reading your article you posted about transmission slipping. I own a 1997 dodge dakota 5.2 Liter. Ever since I got this truck its been nothing but transmission problems for me. I have spent more then what the truck is worth and still no one can figure it out. I notice that you went to a dodge dealer and they fixed your problem related to the upshift issues and the vibration. My truck has had that problem for a while now. Would you mine letting me know what you had replaced when that problem was taking care of? My issue is that I get a check engine light that comes on and I went and got a diagnostic check and it came back as a speed sensor being defective. I then brought the speed sensor that goes right on the transmission and the problem still remains. When I get in and try to take off it doesn't shift from first to second gear. If it manages to shift to second gear it goes alright after that. Any suggestions on what I can do?

Thank you for your time.


bfc09c4d, 2009-07-21, 11:51PM CDT

My brother owns a 1997 Dakota 5.2l V-8 and he had that speed sensor issue too. My mechanic said if the brakes have been worked on and they never reset the ABS it would create this issue. My mechanic just reset the ECU and deleted all codes. Never came up again. As for vibration have your U-joints been inspected as this issue also happened to him and it literally snapped off. The tires could also be an issue if they are not rotated or worn oddly. He currently has 395000kms or about 200000miles and still going strong. lol

1f898e2c, 2009-11-23, 03:58PM CST

MIght sound crazy but I also have a 97 dakota 5.2 4x4 and the transmission shifted abd between 1st 1nd 2nd. Also a bad shake in overdrive. I did the cheapest thing possible, I added 2 quart of LUCAS tranmission conditioner/stop slip and both problems disapeard within 50 miles. I have since put 40,000 miles onthe truck and there has been no problems at all. Try it out the bottle only costs about 12 bucks.Good luck!!!

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