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Posted on Sunday, September 8th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 60bb485d


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I joined a roommate search service on the internet that claims to be the largest national roommate service. For 19.95 they will send you matches by email to a very detailed, and time consuming to fill out profile. I waited for 2 months, and never received any email from them.

I contacted them with my complaint and demanded a refund. They refused, and said that my profile was at fault.


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2460ccb6, 2008-07-07, 05:17PM CDT

I used this service, and I have no idea what the previous complainer is talking about. Part of this is patently just false, there's no place on that site that claims to the "the largest national roommate service." (It's not even "one national" anything, it serves the US AND Canada.) And they sent me a LOT of matches. I've found 3 roommates on there.

No matter how good a service, it can't work for EVERYONE, there's always the odd nutjob or misanthrope that no one can get along with/ would want to live with, and those are the people that always think it's all about some internet service, and NEVER about THEM. It's like those people that complain that personals ads never work for finding romantic partners. Sure, maybe they didn't work . . for you. Doesn't mean they don't work for most people!

fcc4f7dc, 2008-11-09, 12:39PM CST

They send me "matches" that aren't even in my state. I've canceled my account on their site, and have sent requests to stop emailing me, but nothing works. I'm getting up to 80 emails from them a day, it's flooding my inbox. This site is a complete scam. Is there a way to stop their emails?

772fb5d1, 2009-08-18, 08:37AM CDT

There is a reason they do NOT offer a phone number for help.

I have tried to unsubscribe 3 times and they still send me "matches".


2e0b2b53, 2010-08-24, 11:40AM CDT

OMG! I want to get removed too! I found a roommate through another service and have sent 3 emails. I am about to get my lawyer involved b/c now it is HARRASSMENT!!! When people ask to unsubscribe THREE freakin times... you HAVE to do it! GRRRR I hate them so much!

They are sending me roommates looking for downtown DC locations and I am like 20 miles away in the suburbs... the matching SUCKS ASS!

54d22ddb, 2011-06-03, 12:40PM CDT

Will not unsubscribe me, as well. Very little info (if any, I have yet to find it) on how to unsubscribe. Sent them an email a week ago asking to be taking off, but no response and still receiving "matches".

267286b8, 2011-11-01, 09:28AM CDT

That is a LOAD. This complaint is not about some misanthropic loser who cant find a roomate, this complaint is about a website who refuses to stop services when asked. I have been trying to unsubscribe from emails from this crappy site for two months now and they WILL NOT STOP. They send me between 5 and 10 emails a day and I've already moved and arent interested in a roomate anymore. Its SUCH bs! there is only one singular email on the site and no other contact info. Any emails I sent requesting to be unsubscribed have been responded to with a link to their FAQ page whish is USELESS.

04b967d4, 2012-01-27, 11:16AM CST

This site is ridiculous! In the past 72 hours, I have received nearly a hundred emails from them with matches that are nowhere close to being a match. I sent them three emails asking to delete my account. Now, I am replying to every one of their emails asking to be deleted. I would NEVER recommend this site to anyone.

e42e4b33, 2012-04-08, 12:32PM CDT is a ripoff. I received about 40 "matches" and paid $19.99 to be able to respond to them. Not one "match" even responded. The "matches" supposedly knew what my apartment was like and what the rent was from my profile. The matches were figments of 's imagination! I requested a refund but the company would not even respond.

d362da99, 2012-04-11, 09:59PM CDT

They lie. I had to actually complain to their internet provider to get them to stop emailing me.

d93d3098, 2012-08-29, 09:37PM CDT

I just filed a complaint with the BBB against them because they refused to remove me off their list. They are rude and condescending, I got responses to my requests to cancel like:

There is no currently active profile using this email address.

So, that would mean one of the following:

1) You do NOT have a profile active.

2) You DO have a profile active, but under another email address.

If you think it's number 2, we'd need THAT email address to unsubscribe you.

If you're forwarding your email to and fro, and you're responding from an

email address other than the one you used to sign up and without the

previous email copied in your response, we can't know the originating email

address, unless you tell us.

So we'd need the ORIGINAL email address, not any of your other ones, OK?



This is a human. We need you to actually read the last response, think

about that, then respond again, if necessary.

Continuing to respond in this vein is not helping anything.


UMMMM are you kidding me? Who says that to a customer? And obviously that e-mail address was linked because I kept getting ridiculous amounts of unwanted "matches" at that address. They don't have a phone number, place to unsubscribe or to delete your account, which all should've been red flags.

Fran E., 2013-04-26, 02:39PM CDT

I've had only the best luck with I've used them several times, and it worked really well each and every time.

J S., 2014-01-01, 06:12PM CST

I DON'T recommend I was using it for a few days then decided to pay the $19.95 fee on a Friday afternoon. It took them THREE DAYS to send me my receipt. The whole time I was wondering if the charge worked or not. They finally got to me on Monday afternoon. Aren't most people, whether they're employed or students, going to be using the weekends to do a lot of their roommate searches? Three days to get a receipt is ridiculous.

Then they had the nerve to LECTURE me in a long email, when I wanted to restrict the high volume of emails they were sending me by only getting profiles of roommates in my age range (over 50). Sorry, but this is someone I'll be living with. I have a right to want them to be someone I can relate to, not someone young enough to be a grandchild. After the lecture, they ignored my wishes and sent me all the profiles anyway.

Finally, I disputed the charge with the credit card company. I'm not sure they ever fought it, since they don't provide a phone number anyway. The $19.95 showed back up on my credit card statement only a couple days later. BEST OF ALL, THE EMAILS FROM THEM HAVE STOPPED! Stay away from They're a complete ripoff!

Eva K., 2014-03-23, 10:23AM CDT

I have bought a $19.95 U.S. bank draft and mailed the same day --- March, 04, 2014. Today (March 23, 2014) still did not received acknowledgement and/or registered membership.All I have are emailed leads of people I am not able to contact.

Do we call this a business? Hardly. It seems to me that we have were caught up in a 'boiler room' scam. Interestingly enough their 'AD' against spam, scam, hassle...etc... and what are they doing?!

Conniving way to get money out of people's pocket!......

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