MSN DSL - MSN DSL - not available in home area - stuck with 3 year contract due to HP Millineum purchase and $ 400 rebate

Posted on Friday, September 6th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 528280ec

Company: MSN DSL

Category: Internet Services

I applied for dsl with msn late june of this year 2002. I originally bought my hp millineum with a rebate of $400.00 and signed a three year contract with msn as my provider. I later discovered that msn did not provide dsl in my area and I was stuck with this three year contract.

I needed dsl for my small business so i signed up with pac bell and got dsl broadband for two years. In the meantime I was paying msn my monthly isp fees and paying for pac bell dsl services as well.

I discovered that in June, that since my dsl line was being configured by pac bell it could easily be switched and configured with msn for dsl. So I called pac bell and they relinquished my phone line so that msn could configure my lines.

This was last july and it is now September and I am using dial-up networking. I am now assigned to their highest level of customer service (third Level) but I am not even getting a time-line as to when this will happen. It seems the consumer office is not allowed to communicate with the "network administrators" to straighten out this problem.

The network administrators are the key people who configure the lines and ok the commission of the dsl boxes. In the meantime I have spent countless hours on the phone, writing, pleading and asking for the box. I get a "lot of apologies" but no action.

I did get a small discount for two months from one of the supervisors who said they are not allowed to communicate with the network administrators. This is abuse and I'm wondering if I can either get the box or opt out of my contract with hp becuase of msn negligence.


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