Pacific Club - Pacific Club - Marriott hotel packages solicited via phone - unhappy with service and purchase

Posted on Thursday, September 5th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 955c2d3f

Company: Pacific Club

Category: Hotels

In March of this year, I was phoned at my place of business by Jeanette Samson who said she was selling special packages to certain businesses for the local Ontario Airport Marriot. At the time she detailed the benefits to me, I personally asked if I bought this would I have the ability to upgrade to a Jacuzzi room (or suite).

She told me "absolutely - you can upgrade for an additional $30.00". Taking her at her word (& for this feature primarily), I purchased the package for $89.00 + a $5.00 fee. Later I received my package in the mail from the "Pacific Club Ontario Airport Hilton" - that is the name on the front of the brochure. I had wanted to keep it for a special occasion so I did not try to use it until the end of August. When I called the hotel to make the reservations, I asked for the upgrade that had been promised to me by the sales rep (Ms Samson). At that time I was told they did not have jacuzzi rooms at all with the exception of the Presidential Suite. They offered to rent that to me for an additional $250.00. I immediately called the hotel & asked for their Pacific Club dept. & spoke to "Shamika" who was supposedly a management member & she suggested I call this number for a refund since I had been mislead (lied to!) 800-542-2582.

I was promptly told that despite fradulent claims made by their representative - I was no longer eligable for a refund because it was past 10 days. My comment was "how would I know she had lied until I tried to use it?." Since then I have tried several times through the 800 number & the hotel itself with their management (hotel phone (909) 975-5000) to receive either a refund (which I would prefer) or to honor the package that was fradulently sold to me. The only thing they have offered is 2 free deserts in their restaurant. They are claiming it is not their fault.

Well, I think they should be accountable for what their representatives say in order to sell their hotel packages. At this point in time they are refusing to return my calls.

I feel I have no other options left except to try all public posting possibilities so that no one esle is swindled by the Marriott Hotel or their representatives. The e-mail address for the Marriott Hotel is I appreciate your assistance. Hopefully this won't happen to anyone else. Jill H.


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