Nissan auto dealer - Universal City, CA - Nissan auto dealer - misleading experience with dealer regarding attempt to purchase 2002 Daewoo Lanos

Posted on Wednesday, September 4th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 290400b1

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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Sunday September 1, 2002 I went to Universal City Nissan to buy a new car. The car was an advertised special, a 2002 Daewoo Lanos. This was a brand new car, but had to be sold as used since the manufacturer has filed for bankruptcy.

There were five vehicles to choose from at the advertised price. The price was only $6995 + tax & license for a total of 7781.16, pretty good price for a fully loaded sub-compact. The salesman wanted to fill out a credit application, but my wife and I wanted to pay cash and a credit app was not necessary.

The salesman went back to his finance office five times and each time he came back he wanted more personal information. They really wanted that credit app.

The salesman had our drivers license numbers, home address, work address, time on job, home phone numbers, work phone numbers and insurance card. He kept asking for our Social Security Numbers and we kept telling him we would not give that information since we were paying cash and there would be no credit report ran.

My wife has been a victim of identity theft and is very hesitant to give her SSN, especially when it is not needed for any valid reason. If we had been wanting to finance the car we would have gladly provide any information needed, but the salesman quoted me 8.5% interest on a loan and at the same time quoted a monthly payment of $175 which actually equates to 12.54% Finally some "Manager" came back and told us that he needed our SSN's for the DMV.

We have bought three other cars for cash over the years from other dealers and the DMV DOES NOT require SSN for car registration. We again refused to share our SSN and the "Manager" then refused to sell us the car.

We were sitting there with cash in hand to cover the full transaction and this man would not sell us the car. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the California DMV over this ridiculous and heavy handed approach to potential buyers.

I am not sure the dealer even has the right to demand SSN information on a cash sale. The dealers do not like to sell ad cars because they can make more money on them when not on sale. I will never return to Universal City Nissan or any other Nissan dealer for that matter, I will stick to more honest dealers and brands. Thank You


Granada Hills, CA


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2ab921af, 2008-01-09, 05:31PM CST

auto dealers are not allowed to sell cars to drug dealers and other assorted criminals cash purchases must be reported to the i. r. s. your identity theft problem in the past is unfortunate however major auto dealers such as universal city nissan are not identity thieves they are just covering their ass so get rid of your bad attitude customer satisfaction is the main priority of most dealers in todays market the old school crook used car salesman is a relic legend of the past you need to update your pre concieved notions

1676c6db, 2008-01-13, 09:12PM CST

I totally can relate to this consumer. My experience at Universal City Nissan was almost identical. A credit union that I've been with for over 20 years pre-qualified me for a loan on a vehicle. I called Universal City Nissan before going there and explained to a salesman my desire to purchase a new 2008 Sentra, and told him my credit union would provide their company with a check for the full amount. Naturally he said to come on in. Upon my arrival, he gave me the same run around asking me for my social security and kept urging me to check out their financing options. When I explained to him that I loved my credit union and wouldn't finance through Universal City Nissan even if they had a better interest rate, he absolutely refused to give me a price or sell me the car.

The following day, I bought that same Sentra at Superior Nissan in Mission Hills. They gave me an out-the-door price with no hassle. They faxed it to my credit union. My credit union cut them a check, I picked up the check and I took it back to Superior and picked up my car.

So for the record, Universal City Nissan may have a catchy tune on the radio, but they are rude, cutthroat, cocky jerks in real life. I complained to their management and of course nothing happened. Perhaps my complaint to their corporate office will elicit some concern.

Lastly, in response to the response of the initial letter, frankly, you're full of crap. This business was not trying to get our social security number to protect from selling a car to a drug dealer. I can think of a lot of cars drug dealers would buy and anything with the Nissan title is not on that list. They were just pissed off because we didn't give them the financing so instead they treated us with rudeness and disrespect. Well guess what, word of mouth goes a long way and the internet goes even farther. So spread the word, if you're using cash, or an outside lender, and don't wish to reveal your social security number: DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR FROM UNIVERSAL CITY NISSAN!!!

a7df1ba2, 2008-03-03, 10:52AM CST

In 2006, Bush amended the Patriot Act and dealers are now required to collect your personal information for cash payments greater than $10k. However, personal checks, cashier checks and wire transfers are exempt because the bank is responsible to report these transactions. Therefore, they only should be collecting your info if you give them a bag of cash.

IRS FAQ regarding Reporting Cash Payments of Over $10,000 (Form 8300)


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