2002 KIA Spectra - 2002 KIA Spectra - car broke down in traffic - purchased in Feb., 2002 - have had nothing but problems

Posted on Sunday, September 22nd, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 33d1d9de

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Hi, My name is Kafi Hastings Prince and I bought a car at one of the car dealerships that sell Kia Cars in Brooklyn, New York. I walk into to the dealership and asked question about there new and used cars that they were selling. They assisted me well and I ended up buying a 2002 Kia Spectra.

With in Three weeks from purchased the car would break down on while in traffic, and the truck will not open with the latch or the key and the rubber in the back window came off in the car wash. The car broke down a couple more times before I could take off from work to return the car to the dealership and have them look at it.

When I got there to my surprise the same helpful people that assisted me in buying the car was not so helpful any more at all. I told them what was happening to the car and they said that they would have to take it to the service department.

I said no problem but what am I supposed to do about getting back and fought to work are you going to gave me another car, a rental till my car get fixed. They said no. So I had to call the main office in California to get them to work out something for me. I ended getting a rental car for a day but had to keep it for three weeks because my car was not fixed until then.

I had the car for about a month after being fixed and the same problems started happening again. I went back to them and they had the nerve to tell me that and I quote "it is a Kia they are not good cars" I said before you had my money it was a great car now its not someone is playing games an I am not interested. I was furious! They said that they can get me into another car but I would have to gave the a turn over fee of $7000.00 dollars. I said do I look like and ass to you.

There is no way that I should have to gave you any more when I already paid you for a brand new 2002 Kia car. I left call back the main office and they said to take it back to the service department to have them take another look at it. They are not responsible for what happen a t the dealership that sells there cars. I said what a shame. I call the service department and they did not what to give me a rental. they gave me the total run around.

I reported them to the Better Business Bureau of the metropolitan of New York. There never replayed to them either. Now I got them to take the car in again to fixed it and they gave me a one day rental the car is still in the service department going on another three weeks the engine light keeps coming on, the air condition and heat is not working, and the same original problems are still accruing.

I had to change the breaks with in four months of purchased. If there is some the that I can do to get my money back or a true new car please inform me. I pay my payment on time all the time and don't even have a car that I could get good used from.

I bought this car in February and have had nothing but problems. Know the weather is getting cold and I am going to have a baby in February and worried about driving the car with a new born in it. Please help me, let me know what it is that I should do next. Thanking you in advance

Kafi H.


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