AOL - AOL - unauthorized billing - fighting with AOL for 3 weeks - cancelled service at end of 45 day free trial period

Posted on Saturday, September 21st, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 33aa1333

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

AOL just stinks and should be took to court about their unauthorized billing. I have been fighting with them for about 3 weeks now. I cancelled my service September 3rd. This is the first letter I sent AOL trying to take care of this problem.


We have a serious problem and I am livid. I notified your billing department on September 3rd to cancel my membership (the end of my 45 day free trial period). I receive an e-mail on the sixth telling me you are going to debit my account per my instructions IF I chose not to cancel my membership. I faxed you again (September 6th) to advise you that I no longer want AOL and not to debit my account.

I get a post card in the mail September 11th, informing me that you could not identify my account with information I sent you. I had all information requested on this card with the exception of my home telephone number. I faxed again (September 11th) with my telephone number and again advise you not to debit my account. Today I am informed you debited my account for the services. I strongly suggest you rectify this situation today. You can notify my bank of your error.

Take care of this today, it is a result of your negligence so you can fix it. After notification, you chose to continue without my permission to bill me. AOL is removed from my computer and you will not bill for something I have canceled as instructed. Any questions call me at work, after this is rectified be sure my numbers are on your do not call list. Attached are copies of all faxes sent and your email. My banks telephone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx please be sure it is taken care of today. After this letter was faxed they debited my account again the next day. This account was in the process of being closed so NSF fund charges are mounting.I even emailed the corporate office and they instructed me to call the billing department. I did. I was put on hold for 25 minutes waiting on a rep to come on the line. This rep had no problem finding my account with my name and address only(imagine that). I was told that all my correspondence had been received.

When I tried to find out why on earth was my account not closed he told me my account had 9 hours of service after my cancellation date.(I had a lock on my door during the time we had computer service due to children in the house.

Since it was supposed to be disconnected I wasn't locking my door anymore.) So this is going to be another dilemma of course. I was told to fax all the information to another appeal number to see if they will reimburse the charges. Haven't heard from them yet. This morning I just called the bank and requested a stop payment on future AOL debits and the account will be closed this week to eliminate problems. All I can say is keep copies of all correspondence with them. You will get a different answer from them every time. I suppose eventually if enough people complain and let others know about their practices they will lose business or get sued.


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