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Posted on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by ffca578e

Company: Abundantflowers.com

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No confirmation number was ever issued at the time of purchase. I did receive a thank you notice from the service, but that is all.This plant was to be sent to my sister, Bruni, who was at Good Samaritan Hospital, 2425 Samaritan Drive in San Jose, California, 95124.

She had a ruptured apendix and was in the hospital for peritenitis. She never received the plant. She is now home. I am disappointed.

I called the flower service 4 or 5 times and spoked to customer agents at least two times. I emailed them at least twice. What they say is they don't know what happened and have to talk to the florist in San Jose that was to deliver the plant. They were to call and leave a message.

They have not contacted me since. I requested a refund and they refused this. I was told they would be calling me, but they never did. I contacted the hospital and had a Ms. Janelle look into whether the plant was ever delivered. She emailed me back and said no plant from these people ever arrived.

I am a busy college professor and would like justice. Namely, I would like a refund to the failed purchase. Please let me know what you can do for me. The flower service's phone number is 1800 296-0917. Their address is 10406 Warwick Bl.Newport News, Virginia 23601.


Leila P.

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77adea42, 2009-08-25, 10:54AM CDT

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