Burger King - Burger King, Lennewick, WA - charged for upsize by default - have wanted regular size

Posted on Friday, September 20th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by e6b70751

Company: Burger King


Category: Restaurants, Bars

Watch out for those "value" meals! My local Kennewick, WA Canal Drive store has begun selling--and charging for--the "upsized" or super-sized version whenever I order a value meal. As a consumer, I expect that a "value meal" has means just that: the basic combo of Whopper-medium fries-medium coke as advertised on the marquee. Traditionally, the cashier then asks if I want to buy the larger meals. Lately, though, this franchise has begun to substitute the upsized meal whenever I order a value meal, and there's been no disclosure that they DON'T mean the lowest price, smallest sized meal. The marquee still shows the lowest price in big letters, but when you order it, the clerk automatically up sizes--and doesn't tell you until you're asked for your money. As a consumer, I get hit with the additional charge too late in the transaction to make it easy to change, and then I get a few ounces more soda and another half-cup of (lousy) fries for my extra money. The first time, I assumed it was an accident, but after the third time, when I had to correct the clerk so as not to be overcharged, I realized it was a deliberate "mistake." Bad show, BK. Isn't it enough that your "new improved" fries taste like they've been dipped in hair spray, and the Whopper patties are no longer freshly flame-broiled (not to mention at least 20% smaller than a year ago)? Did you really have to pull this kind of "Surprise!" screw job on the value meal consumer? I've had enough. I've been "upsized" without my consent for the last time. I'm no longer interested in a skimpy, micro waved burger, bad-tasting fries and so-so service. Thank goodness, there are many other options for my fast-food dollar right down the street


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