Air Alitalia - trip from LHR to Rome FCO - luggage did not arrive in Rome - poor experience

Posted on Friday, September 20th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 04665bfa

Company: Air Alitalia - trip from LHR to Rome FCO - luggage did not arrive in Rome - poor experience

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RE: Air Alitalia - trip from LHR to Rome FCO - luggage did not arrive in Rome - poor experience

Email sent on behalf of Claire Balls. 1. Lost Luggage On 17th August 2002 I travelled with a family party of 11 from LHR to Rome FCO for a family birthday celebration for 1 week. My boyfriend and I shared a large case which did not arrive at Rome. We waited 1 1//2 hours at Rome then left for our destination in Tuscany. Rome said it would send the luggage on and advise us. We received no call. We attempted to call Lost & Found at Rome for up to 2 hours each day (mostly unanswered or engaged). We finally made contact on Monday midday and they promised to check and phone back.

They did not call back and we contacted them again on Tuesday evening and were informed that our luggage had been found and sent to Pisa Airport on a 2pm flight and would arrive at our Villa that evening or Wednesday morning. This did not occur and so we called Pisa again who informed us no luggage had arrived from Rome. We kept calling Rome for the next few days and finally managed to get through to Rome on Friday and spoke to a lady named Emanuela Fratini. At last, someone who was helpful. Emanuela promised to investigate and call us back. She did so and so did someone from Pisa who informed us that our luggage had just arrived from Rome and would be sent back there for us to collect on our way home. On arriving at Rome, Alitalia Information Desk directed us to Lost and Found in Terminal C. After much queuing, we were told our luggage was at Terminal A - it was now too late for us to collect it before catching our flight.

However, check-in informed us they would arrange for our luggage to be put on our flight home to pick up at LHR. Needless to say, the luggage was not there. Finally the luggage arrived at our home 3 days later

(Tuesday 27th August). We were initially told that we would receive compensation of 50 Euros each and later told that it would be more in view of the length of time the luggage was delayed.

Our actual costs were:- Clothes purchased in 3 batches 410 Euros

Charges from our accommodation for

Telephone calls to Alitalia 42

Euros Additional Stress Factors * Daily frustrations and loss of recreation time making (or attempting to make) the calls;


* No suitable clothes on the first Sunday for the birthday celebration gathering (no shops open);


* Several days with insufficient clothes;


* Unavailability of my cosmetic pack;


* Unavailability of my birth control pills for the whole week causing me to menstrate, so spoiling mine and my partner's sex-life for the week;


* Unable to present the birthday present we had bought for our relative. The whole experience was very stressful. I feel that Alitalia should make a payment in lieu of a much restricted level of enjoyment and I would appreciate it if you would make me a sensible offer. A letter to this effect was sent to Air Alitalia on 30th August and again on 10th September. To date I have heard nothing. I try daily to call them but the number is constantly engaged. Yours Claire Balls


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