Sacred Pages - 'Tell A Friend' Service from - concern about receiving SPAM

Posted on Thursday, September 19th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 09c3e6bd

Product: Tell A Friend

Company: Sacred Pages


Category: Internet Services

I was sent a beautiful card from Sacred by my Cousin. When choosing a card to send, you have to fill out a form called 'Tell A Friend', on this site. You put in your name and email address and the names of the recipients and their email addresses.

When I received the card, I forwarded a thank you to my Cousin yesterday. Immediately after that we both received Spam type emails. I got 4 and my cousin got 8. The Spam was address as being sent from my cousin that sent me the card.

When I checked the properties on the card and the Spam they were the same, and I couldn't block the Spam because I would be blocking my cousin from sending me emails.The 'Tell A Friend' service took advantage of having both email addresses, and sent us both Spam addressed as being from each other, with the Subject stating "From you friend; name.

Name wants you to see this!". When I emailed my Cousin, she didn't send anything and has 8 of them herself!! This is a dirty sneaky thing to do and very poor Internet protocol. If this practice continues, I will continue to use their service for sending the occasional card, however I will not use the 'Tell A Friend' service to send it. I will instead go to File/Send/Send Page By Email. I will completely bypass the 'Tell A Friend' service all together, and this company will loose money.

I have advised my Cousin to do the same. I would like to see this company clean up its act. Please post my complaint for public view.The email address of the company is: They use 'Tell A Friend' Service to send their cards to the recipient. The properties on the Spam have this page being sent by

Thank you,



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