Domino's Pizza, 501 E. 38th St., Indianapolis, IN - mistake made with order - upset with service

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Company: Domino's Pizza, 501 E. 38th St., Indianapolis, IN - mistake made with order - upset with service

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RE: Domino's Pizza, 501 E. 38th St., Indianapolis, IN - mistake made with order - upset with service

Saturday,September 14, 2002 Robin Customer Complaint

Order Number --- 385701

Time 9:27 P.M. Re: Dominos Pizza 2661

501 E. 38th Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46205


To:The Customer Service Department: Icall to order a pizza on September 14, 2002, around 9:15 p.m. The order was for a resident and myself. During the order the person put me on hold, after I have given him my order once. When he returned Irepeated the order to him again. He repeated the order back to me and gave me a total. When the pizza arrived the order was incorrect.

The driver stated that this is what I had ordered. Icall back and spoke with Brandon Milton. (I also showed the driver the notethat I had received with the complete order.) I told him what theproblem was and that this was not the complete order. He was a littleaggressive and said "do you want the breadsticks" and if I did thatthey would be add to the second order which was my order. I explained that both order were totally different, and the other customer waswaiting for her breadsticks. Brandon explained that the person that tookthe order was a new employee. He apologized for the mistake, I ask couldhe not charge the other customer for the breadsticks and send them with myorder. This also meant that the other customer still had to wait for herorder even longer, but she would not be charged. No one was willing tokeep the other customer happy, after the person who took the order made themistake. I asked to speak to the manager and Brandon put me on hold. The managerpicked up the line. I tried to explain that someone got the orderwrong. I was going to purchase the other pizza, but the bad service wasenough to almost make me change my mind about the pizza I already hadordered. If I had not put this pizza on my VISA card he could havecanceled my order. The other customer did not receive herbreadsticks. Bad service is enough to change anyone's mind especially when it comes from amanager. A person that is suppose to show his employees how to conductbusiness. I hope that he is not a true example of management and that hisstaff does not follow this example of what is not truly customer service orrespectful. The person that I talked to did state that he was a manager. He would notgive the opportunity to complete my complaint before calling me a liar. Hestated that he was on the other line when I ordered. I took this tobe a cover-up for a new employee's mistake. The fact that he stated that I was liar in so many words about the order was unprofessional, and poorcustomer service. Let me also repeat the fact that Brandon stated that he had made a mistake earlier. I asked your manager why would he call me a liar and then I asked him what washis name. He stated that this information was personal and he did nothave to give it to me. Then I ask him for the person's name over him andhe state that also was personal. He then said you do what you want andhung-up the telephone on me. I asked you driver Willie the person whomdelivered the pizza for this same information and he also refused. I am sending this letter to you because I am sure that this type ofunprofessional, disrespectful customer service is not tolerated. I wouldappreciate a responses and apology for the above reasons.



Ms. Barbara

UnsatisfiedCustomer Cc: Domino’s Pizza LLC

Customer Service

30 Frank Lloyd Wnight Drive

P.O. Box 997

Ann Arbor, MI 48106 Our domestic general market-advertising agency is J. WalterThompson. Their address:

One Detroit Center

500 Woodward Avenue

Detroit, MI 48226-3428 Domino's Pizza LLC

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48106

(734) 930-3030

The below address is the store that I wish to register a complaint on in regards tothe very poor customer service and disrespect I received. The Manager was unwilling to release store’s managers name, nor a higher authority.

DominosPizza 2661

501 E. 38th Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46205


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49a71d53, 2008-07-27, 02:28AM CDT

If what you say is true, then they should have just given the breadstricks for free. Breaksticks are not expensive, so it shouldn't have been a big deal for them to have given it out for free.

As for the information, they technically are not obligated to give you Personal information about themselves. The only information they pretty much have to give you is the work phone of their higher ups (in other words, the Corporate Office).

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