ShopNBC - long waits while calling - paid for ring not received - ring missing in shipment

Posted on Saturday, September 14th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 1ccd86a3

Company: ShopNBC - long waits while calling - paid for ring not received - ring missing in shipment

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RE: ShopNBC - long waits while calling - paid for ring not received - ring missing in shipment

Mr. Howard Fox,

We do not have a computer, but our grand son has and is helping me e -mail you. We have been trying to call the customer service number for three weeks, every day and waiting on hold for almost an hour (with one exception see below).

We received a card from you stating that in June things would be it is 9/12/02 and things are the same. BUT NOW the reason that I am e-mailing you I am hoping that my problem will be solved. My wife ordered a ring J102564 size 6 T14K yellow gold/amethyst. Total cost $510.97.

Customer #217804. Order #030746014. Invoice#0022307825.

Date 8/22/02 We received the ring, my wife signed for it, because you insured it BUT when she opened it ,the packaged had been folded over and taped close. She thought it was a new way that you are sending packages. When she opened the package she noticed that the original package had been cut, the ring box was cut by this cut and THE RING WAS MISSING!!!!

We went to the post office, got a form 1000 to report this and they told us that before we send in the form, where they would ask for all the packaging etc. they said to call the sended that insured the ring. My wife called customer service waited 55 minutes and got through to some one who was not in the least concerned.

She said to go call the police. My wife said that our son is a policeman . She said "Well somebody will call you in 24-48 hours. This was in August and NOBODY has called us. My wife is house bound with arthritis so she has been home.

She has bought many, thousands of dollars worth of items from ShopNBC. You have said, and I quote your statement "Thank you for your business. All of our associates and management are absolutely committed to providing the best and timely service".

So how about it...I know we are only one of your many customers, but we are good customers, and with my wife's health condition, I see the happiness she gets when she opens the items from ShopNBC.

I would appreciate you looking into this matter and toacknowledge this letter with a reply. I ordered my wife another ring, same model and received it fine... Now I'd like to have the stolen (missing) ring

taken off my MasterCard.

Thank you in advance and please reply.My e-mail # COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_68332#


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