Sears - Sears Service - tech missed appointment for refrigerator repair - upset with service received

Posted on Wednesday, September 11th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 39f15e21

Company: Sears

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i called sears to set an appointment to repair my refrigerator which is just over two years old. i left instructions on how to get in touch with me so i may meet the tech. at my residence. the appointment was set for 08/28/2002 between 8:00am & noon. they were to call me upon leaving the prior engagement in order that i may be there when they arrived.

at 10:31am i received a phone call from the service center stating that there was no one home to answer the door. there wouldn't be anyone there per my instructions. my office is approx. three miles from my home, which would pose no problem in getting there within 5 minutes.

after a firm conversation the service center stated they would find the tech. and send him right out. i initiated my first call to 1-800-4my-home @ 10:50am and was told that the tech would call me upon leaving his next stop. at 12:30pm after not hearing from sears, i then initiated my second call and was told they would locate the technician and have him call me right back.

i initiated my third call only to find out that the tech had not called in and they would call the dispatcher to find out where he was and to have him call in. i waited until 4:24pm and initiated my fourth and final call of the day. again i was put aside by not only the operator but by her supervisor as well. she told me that there was nothing she could do ,"the technician had put in a full day and is gone for the rest of the day".i sat home most of this day waiting for an answer or at least an early phone call.

not once did anyone call me back. luckily our neighbor allowed us to put our food in his refrigerator /freezer. on 08/29/2002 i received a phone call from sears home central customer service division (Mike adkins) stating that an appointment was entered in his computer for Saturday 08/31/2002 in the am and he was sorry for the the way i was treated and he would do everything possible to expedite this repair.

the technician arrived on Saturday @ 12:30pm.i was notified that the problem with this refrigerator was in the timer switch and he could repair it for $20.00 plus the call charge. i authorized him to repair. after installing this part the unit still had a problem. the tech informed me that the defroster heating element was broken and it was going to cost over $200.00 to repair. i need a refrigerator so i agreed to have him repair. after calling all around the area the tech.

told me that there were no heaters in the area and he would emergency one from the factory and it should be here on Tuesday 09/03/2002. the tech called me on Wednesday morning 09/04/2002 to see if the part came in. i told him that i did not receive the part. he then told me when i get the part to call and request him and he will find a way to come out and install it. the part finally arrived late Thursday 09/05/2002 and i called 1-800-4MY-HOME to set an appointment.

i was told the earliest i could get a technician was 09/10/2002. approx. three weeks after the original appointment. my patience is dwindling. i talked to an operator and got nowhere. i asked for a supervisor and waited. finally the supervisor (Debbie) came on the phone. she was very pleasant and stated she would find someway to accommodate my request. she will call me back. approx. 10 minutes later she called back and stated the technician will be here to repair the problem on Saturday in the am. this did not happen.

the technician finally showed up at 5:30pm est.he replaced the heater after manually defrosting the refrigerator. (approx. 30 minutes) he then installed the new part and reinstalled all shelving and componants. he left here around 6:00 pm est. i questioned if he was going to test and check this problem, he stated," ita a new part so it should be fine, it'll take a while for the refrigerator to get cold".

i hope he's right! i wouldn't want to put all my food back in and leave on vacation only to find my home reeking the smell of spoiled , unfrozen food. he also charged me $161.15 for this repair, which i am paying under protest, due to the fact that some employees at sears didn't follow the guidelines set out in order to get this problem fixed right the first time.

i am glad that the bill only came to $161.15, but repairs on a two year old refrigerator and the problems that i had in order to get this problem resolved, i should not have paid anything and should have been compensated for my loss.

i hope this complaint doesn't get swept under the rug. i believe that this happens every day in this USA with the consumer getting thrown under the bus (so to speak). this is why i am pursuing this with your organization in order to protect someone else from going through the same problems.



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850b204a, 2007-11-29, 06:24PM CST

Dude, you are not even in the ballpark for worst service.

I have ,(so far), been waiting 41 days for my oven to be repaired. I have had techinicians here 3 times already.

Various parts have been ordered. I have another 8 days before the technician can come back to install a part I have already had for a week.

And here is the rub. The oven flashed a code, I looked it up, and when I called 41 days ago, I confirmed exactly which part needed to be replaced.

The first and second technicians wouldn't believe me. Finally the third did, he tested the control board, and sure enough....I was correct!

I have spent several hours now on the phone talked to nurous supervisors, and they all to wthe line that they have no way to influence when techs come to my house.

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