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Complaints.com received the following e-message on September 25, 2001:


RE: 1999 Chrysler Sebring, transmission problem, etc.

I have attached a letter describing my situation - I am so glad I found out

about your site. Also included in this e-mail are e-mail addresses - 2 of

the dealers don't have e-mails- go figure - so I included their phone

numbers. * King Chrysler: you have to fill out their web form to submit an e-mail:

www.starchrysler.com/email.cgi their toll free number is: 877-925-5131 Randy

Carter is the Manager

* Carmack Car Capital - 217-443-6803 Service Manager: Jason Toellner, Dealer

Principal: Gary Knight

* Chryslers Corporate: daimlerchrysler.com

* Carlson Chrysler, Indianapolis - They must have been bought out or changed

names, I cannot locate their address or website.

Thanks for any publicity or help you can provide!

-Deborah Schuler

Deborah Schuler




1999 Chrysler Sebring

Purchased April, 1999 -New with 0 miles

King Chrylser, Hoopeston, Illinois 60942 (Now known as Star Motors) Oct 1999 - Driver side seatbelt had to be replaced as it wouldn't fasten - King Dealership - Hoopeston

Complained of leaking fluid - they didn't see anything. Jan 28 - Feb 6, 2000

While driving to work, car went from 55 mph down to 20. I called Carmack in Danville, they towed it in from my work. Did not want to pay for rental car, said it was not the way they did things. That I would be responsible. I had to argue and call Chrysler and King Dealership in Danville to get them to pay for rental car. I didn't feel I should have had to go through aggravation of that, as I was at work and had to call all over to get someone to pay for the rental. I also stated I wanted a new transmission put in the car since it only had 13,494 miles on it I didn't feel the transmission should have failed so soon in a new car. They stated it was Chrysler's policy to use a re-built transmission. I later found out from other Chrysler owners with same situation that they argued long enough, they received a new transmission. I don't feel this was fair, as we don't know the condition of the re-built transmission, and there was no extended warranty on the re-built. It took 6 days to get my car back. Feb. 8, 2000

Returned to Carmack as rear defroster was not working. They repaired faulty wiring.

Also complained of noise when car turned left. They couldn't hear it. April 2000

Driving home from airport in Indianapolis (100 miles from my home), my car started smoking and slowed way down, transmission hoses blew off. I call Chrysler's Customer One for service as I was broke down on interstate exit ramp, they said they had to find a dealership in area and would call me back. I waited, called them back about 45 minutes later, there were no notations in their database that I was stranded, so I had another person assist me, again, left sitting. I sat there 2 1/2 hours, walked to a gas station, got the Indianapolis phone book to look up Chrysler dealerships in area - which there were several, When I called Customer One back, they said they couldn't find a dealership in the area. A police officer stopped and had me towed to Carson Chrylser in Indianapolis, I had to pay for my rental vehicle home from Enterprise. Chrysler argued over paying the rental car. I missed a day of work trying to get through to Chrysler because I was fed up with the way they treated me. I was treated rudely from Corporate when I called, they would not let me talk to anyone, said I had to call my dealership. Which I called King and explained the story, finally they got through to someone to get my towing and rental car reimbursed. June 2000

Alarm kept going off all day at work and into evening. I had to take to King in Hoopeston after work to get it disconnected. I missed my daughter's softball game. Oct. 13, 2000

Returned to Carmack, I thought oil was leaking ( not being a mechanic I didn't know what it was) They only checked for an oil leak they didn't check transmission- turned out it was transmission fluid - which leaked continually - my parking spot at work was always covered in fluid, same at home.

Driver side door leaks when it rains - they replaced weather stripping.

Squeaking in heater motor (my 2nd attempt to get it repaired- they couldn't duplicate - it still squeals after it runs for a while.

Emergency brake was stuck on. I tried taking it off several times and it was stuck on, had to drive to work (30 miles) with it on. They adjusted it as it was locked up.

Power mirrors failed. They replaced the directional switch.

Door seal on passenger side fell off (2nd time). Replaced. June 1, 2001

On my way home from work, I stopped at stop sign and my car wouldn't move, I had it towed back to Carmack at my expense ($85). They found that both transmission cooler lines were off vehicle, told me an animal ate the lines off, I asked to have the lines they replaced as I didn't believe this story - there wasn't one tooth mark on either line and both hoses came off behind the clamp - I didn't understand why an animal would gnaw behind the clamp instead of the exposed line. ( I still have these lines for proof) I called Carson Chrysler in Indianapolis to report the problem since they replaced the hoses in April and they said they would get back to me. I called a second time about 5 days later and they said they would call me back, they were still checking, I still have not heard from them.

At this visit I had them fix the re-call on the Lower Lateral arm ball joint links. July 2001

Stopped in at Carmack and asked about tar-like substance leaking out of bottom of both door panels. Alan stated that was common in 99 Sebrings and was a "known issue". But since my car was out of warranty I would have to pay for it. It has leaked onto my carpet and I have to keep cleaning it off and it is staining. It is the undercoating. I didn't understand why a known issue that was ruining my car was not taken care of by Chrysler since they obviously used cheap undercoating, I don't understand why I have to pay for this. It has ruined many clothes getting in and out of the car. September 2001

I have cleaned the tar like ooze from the door panels off 3 times, and it is still leaking, causing my driver side door to stick, which is now showing wear in the door handle when I open the door it feels loose.

I am considering buying a junker and driving it until my lease is up which I know I will get taken again on since they will check my service records and see how many times it has been in the shop! I am a single parent, this is my first new car, I bought it hoping I wouldn't have mechanical problems leaving me stranded - which has just proved that theory wrong and very costly! Chrysler corporate has been no help, I called them after the Indianapolis incident and the girl who answered would not give me anyone or any number of a service rep, I was told I had to go to my dealer - boy, what a lot of good that did - and there nice web site promising customer satisfaction - HA HA! LIARS! I hope you all get stuck with a lemon! I have written the States Attorney also, who asked King motors to make this right - I got basically a CYA letter from the manager - Randy Carter stating I had a warranty, what else do I want? Gee, maybe something worth what I am paying for! Another weasel in the Chrylser ring!


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