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Posted on Friday, September 21st, 2001 at 5:08pm CDT by 3d6bf849

Company: Rite Aid

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RiteAid Unfair Trade Practices - with false pricing - creating false advertising for manufacturers. Today I went to a RiteAid store and grabbed a bag of my favorite M&M's Peanuts. I was checking prices on the different size bags, 10z vs. 1lb. There were some new bags with a "10% more Free" on them. As I checked the prices of the 'normal' size bags against these, I noticed that the prices were $1.00 more on the new bags, when they should have been the same price if it was really as marked on the bag, "10% more Free". I asked for the manager and she said they have to price the items at what the RiteAid headquarters tells them too. I said that it was false advertising because I was paying $1.00 more for something that is advertised on the bag as 'Free' from the manufacturer. I have used RiteAid for my pharmacy and other needs for years. But after today, I am not ever going to be able to trust RiteAid again. What else is there that I paid more for at RiteAid that was supposed to be free from the manufacturers? This is considered Unfair Trade Practices. It seems that many corporations feel thay can take advantage of innocent and sometimes, ignorant American consumers and not think twice about it. I think it's so unfair and uncalled for and I won't stand to be taken advantage of by any company. I picked up my last prescription refill from RiteAid today, because I will never shop there again. There are other more trusted companies I can choose to spend my money with.

I wrote RietAid, but I seriously doubt they will do anything about it. I think if more people were more aware of prices and did something about it, more companies would be more honest because they don't want to lose our business. One customer lost isn't so much to a huge corporation... but many customers lost equals a lot of sales lost. It's a shame that the only way many corporations respond to any consumer complaints is when they stand to lose $$$$$. there is no email address for complaints at the RiteAid website. A Frustrated Ex-RiteAid Consumer,



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