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Posted on Saturday, September 1st, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by f203317e

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RE: Micron Computers

I definitely have a complaint.

I'll start from the time I first ordered one of Microns computers. Last December 2000, I received what I thought the computer of my dreams. Not one that I had to just settle for, but what I wanted. It was Praised by PC Magazine as the power house machine. At the time, It was the fastest PC 1.2gighz, 256ram, 40gigabyte hard drive, DVD, CDRW, top of the line hard ware, and so on. I would of had more, but I was just seeing if I would get excepted form MICRON PC. Well, I did. Got the computer and then my troubles started.

Right from day 2 or 3. To make this short I'll just go down the line:.......restarts, improper shutdowns, Errors galore, windows would not open, or wouldn't start at all. Called Micron, waited 2 hours for a tech, sent to this one and that one, first time my husband and myself were on the phone about 6 hours. Talk about frustrated. All I wanted to do is send it back.

This went on for a month. Had 3, 4 or more techs at my home. They changed the mother board, hard drive, display card and still the same problems. Well, after I really bad mouthed them and threaten with a letter of dispute to the Bank (Who by the way requested me to do so). They called us back real quick. I had to have my husband do the talking. I was just about insane over this. They did replace the whole computer in January 2001. Well here we are, 8 months later. At first things were better. Only off and on would this computer mess up. Basically the same old problems. This time I don't have all the time in the world to be on the phones for hours. After about 3 months had to replace the CDRW.

Modem is shot. Just this past week I called....writing down everything, times, names topic of conversations and, etc. My first question was "What do I have to do to return this computer" NO RESPONSE. Just, What is the problem and lets try to solve it. Okay. Had to update the BIOS. ( 3 phone calls for this) I said, Fine, but my modem is shot, They said, we will deal with that another time. I said, My monitor is turning black and not the whole screen. They had no clue for this problem.

So, the bank called me about my payment of which I have only paid a $100 on $2600. Told them my problem. They noted it and for me to write the letter of dispute. This is where I am at this point. I would discourage any and everyone not to ever do business with MICRON PC.

P.S. I'm by no means illiterate where computers are concerned. I deal and maintain all kinds, all the time. This is a big lessen learnt that I may have to pay for.

Sincerely Yours,


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f2edd72a, 2010-02-19, 12:41PM CST

I too bought a Micron RS-3000 back in 2000, and from day one, massive issues. Massive latency, inoperable programs..etc. After visits with the tech support, and countless hours not to mention countless dollars, I ended up with a pile of junk!

Needless to say, I ended up building my own PC (keeping in mind I too am very literate with PC's) which I have only built up and upgraded over the years. Now the micron is used for nothing more than target practice!

Thanks for sticking to your guns Pauline!

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