BMG Music - solicitation of minors - sold music to 11 year old

Posted on Friday, October 3rd, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by df5a7819

Company: BMG Music - solicitation of minors - sold music to 11 year old

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RE: BMG Music - solicitation of minors - sold music to 11 year old

My son responded to an add that was mailed to him, Alex Holt, by BMG Music to buy CD"S 2 years ago without my knowledge. The initial offer was for 10 cd's for $1 with an agreement to purchase more cd's over the course of a year. He didn't have to send money to place the order. They said they would bill him. I don't know how he got on the mailing list to begin with. When the 10 cd's arrived, I questioned my son about

it. We had a talk with him and realized he hadn't read the fine print that said he must buy more cd's. I fulfilled the contract with BMG Music buying the required cd's and paying for them within the year. I gave BMG Music the benefit of the doubt thinking they couldn't have known my son was only 11 years old at

the time. I sent a letter along with that order explaining that my son was only 11 years old and had made a mistake in contracting with them and asked them to cancel the membership and remove my son from the

mailing list. BMG Music continues to send mailings (at least a dozen) to my son soliciting his business and I have responded on their order form (to make sure persons processing orders would see it) asking them again to remove my minor son from their mailing list. I even wrote to the Director, Chris Roberts. Yesterday my son received yet another special offer with a membership contract. So far I have been successful in intercepting these mailings but it is wrong for them to solicite him and my concern is how many others they may be soliciting and parents don't catch it. Many courts hold parents

responible for their children in cases like this and what is to stop a child from running up expensive bills that parents can't afford to pay and having their credit ruined in the process. I understand they may not have know at first but I am certain theyu now know that my son is not of age to enter into a legal contract with them. They have no phone number or email address on their mailing .

All I have is a mailing address which is : Chris Roberts, BMG Music Service, P.O. Box 91529, Indianapolis, IN 46209-9170. Isn't it against the law to knowingly solicite a minor to enter into a contract with an offer of free cd's? Not many kids will resist such an offer. Hopefully my son will continue to refrain. Frustrated,

Donna Holt

Midlothian, VA 23114

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5a755433, 2009-06-23, 12:33AM CDT

I applied for a place to live the other day and they told me that BMG has reported me to a collections agency. This is completely absurd. I only ever ordered from them 1 time, and I was not even 18. I was about 10 or 11 years old. Not to mention that I never ONCE received any form of communication from them regarding this. So not only was I a minor, which they can't really report something from a minor because I wasn't even old enough to order, but they never contacted me about the supposed debt. And it is an ungodly and incorrect amount.

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