Wilshire Royal Howard Johnson plaza hotel, Los Angeles, CA - found ants in room - hotel says to complain to Expedia.com

Posted on Wednesday, October 9th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by ece81798

Company: Wilshire Royal Howard Johnson plaza hotel, Los Angeles, CA - found ants in room - hotel says to complain to Expedia.com

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RE: Wilshire Royal Howard Johnson plaza hotel, Los Angeles, CA - found ants in room - hotel says to complain to Expedia.com

To whom it may concern, On the first of September, my wife and Istayed one night at Wilshire Royal Howard Johnson plaza hotel located in 2619 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, California, 90057. Actually, I booked that hotel thru Expedia.com. When my wife opened the bathroom, she found out that there were several ants crawling around soap plate. However, because there were a few ants in the Bathroom and we washed them away, we didn’t ask the front to change the room for us. The very next morning, my wife and Inoticed that we had been bitten on legs and necks by ants. When we checked out,I told the front desk that there were several ants and we had been bitten. In response, the guy working in front desk said to me, “ Thank you”. That was all. He didn’t even give me any simple and empty apology. Because I had to be in a hurry, I just checked out without any further argument. When I got on the free way to go home, I saw one ant coming out of my wife’s hair and later found out several ants in paper box where I put chocolate. I drove back to the hotel and talked to front manager all about this. The front manager named "Ann" told me that because I made reservation thru Expedia.com, I needed to make complaints to Expedia.com, not to Wilshire Royal Howard Johnson plaza hotel.

And she added that there wasn’t any ant in Room 405 where I stayed and that I attracted the ants with chocolate. Considering that there were several ants in the bathroom when we just entered room 405, it was obviousthat I didn’t attract any ants with chocolate which I bought 1 hour ago before I checked in. I couldn’t believe what I heard from the front manager named “Ann”. Thus, I asked her to take me to General manager. In response, the front manager suggested me to write a letter to the General manager. Two weeks after I wrote a letter to General manager, I received a letter from him as below: “Dear Mr. Kwon, We are very surprised to hear about your complaints regarding termites or ants in the room you occupied during your last stay with us at the Wilshire Royal Howard Johnson Plaza. Apart from you, we have never had any complaints from guests who stayed in room 405 Before or After September 1, 2002. Your allegations puzzle us because the Housekeeping Supervisor, the Building Engineer, and several hotel staff members inspected the room right after you expressed your complaints. Needless to say, no insects were found (beit termites, ants, or even spiders) The front desk clerk you spoke with mentioned that you had a box of chocolates with you in your room. It was also mentioned that after you checked out, you returned to the hotel because you saw an ant in your car. Could it possible that the ants you saw came from outside the hotel? Carrying around a box of chocolates would undeniably attract ants. Room 405 is not located anywhere near our restaurant. Even our restaurant kitchen does not harbor insects at all. Again, we would like to express our surprise about your complaint. Room 405 is still being closely monitored for the presence of insects of any kind. At this point, no problem has been discerned nor have there been any complaints from our guests. Sincerely, John Garibian General manager”

Not to mention that the general manager didn' t give me any empty apology, the Generalmanager, John Garibian, insisted that I attracted lots of ants into paper box with mychocolate in 1 hour, and the ants jumped and flew out to the bathroom and all over the room in one second as soon as I entered room, bit me and my wife and jumped back into the paper box where it previously came out the very next morning, and stayed with me in my car to go home. Do you think it’s possible? Do you think it was right for the front manager, Ann, to ask me to make compliant against Expedia.com? I think they are all out of mind and they desperately need the class of customer relationship management. I am really wondering what kind of people they are. Thank you,

Best regards, Kwon Chon Min


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