AT&T Cable Internet service - 5 weeks - 13 techs - 9 visits to activate service

Posted on Sunday, October 6th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 912d1468

Company: AT&T Cable Internet service - 5 weeks - 13 techs - 9 visits to activate service

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RE: AT&T Cable Internet service - 5 weeks - 13 techs - 9 visits to activate service

I had my cable activated in my new residence on Oct. 2001. I took 5 weeks, 13 technicians and 9 visits. When I demanded to talk to a manager, all I received was a rude phone call. The supervisor told me she was not going to do any thing about it.

She would not identify herself and only said she was calling from out of state. They misdiagnosed the system for weeks and after repeated visits, buryied a third cable in the yard. When it did worked it was a fast as a 56k modem anyways.

For the next ten months they tried unsucessfully to repair the problem. Often they sent technicians when the second tier support specialist specified a linesman to install a new amplifier. Many times the tech would delete the wrong programs in my computer causing requireing me to restore the original settings. Each time a technician would do something different and would only make matters worse. Finally after threatening to sue them they sent out three techs in a row.

The fourth one was a linesman and said they discovered a problem that was present for a long time and since there was another customer complaining, they fixed it. In the process, however, they buried a forth cable. At that time i was livid but kept my cool. I demanded they dig up the other three cables since they condemed them for no reason.

A week later my wife and I decided we did not want them digging up the yard; and since they werent contacting me anyways, we told them to go ahead and bury the fourth cable. I made one condition and that was to not do anything on my property unless we were there. I had everything marked off and explained to them I was convinced they were too incompetent and would cut through my gutter drain tile I had burried , if I wasnt present.

A few days later a linesman buried the cable. Without calling to tell me he was coming, without knocking on the door, he cut two of my drains in half. With hundreds of dollars in damage I have not heard from them in weeks. No amount of calling will do any good. No mater how many times I call, they just tell me they have no record of any previous call.

This is only part of the aggrevation they have caused me, there is more.



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