Pedders Suspension, Super A-Mart, The Good Guys - problems with 3 stores in Brisbane, Australia

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Company: Pedders Suspension, Super A-Mart, The Good Guys - problems with 3 stores in Brisbane, Australia

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RE: Pedders Suspension, Super A-Mart, The Good Guys - problems with 3 stores in Brisbane, Australia

Over the last 10 weeks I have had nothing but problems with 3 major companies in Brisbane, they are Pedder's, Super A-Mart, The Good Guys. Following are the 3 individual stories:

Pedder's Moorooka.

On the 24 August 2002 I went and had a $14, 28 point safety check done on my VN Commodore. Whilst talking to Trevor ( his name is on the Invoice) I told him of 2 things that was worrying me and they were R/H front knocking noise and L/H rear knocking noise. After the initial check they came back with a quote of $1,134.85 which I inspected and found that I would get all the suspension work done first and leave the Rack and Pinion till a later date. I then had all the work done the following Sat morning.

Two weeks later after coming off the Centenary highway ( Travelling at around 90 to 95 Kmph ) my front R/H ball joint FELL OUT of the lower control arm. I had the vehicle looked at by the RACQ and then towed to Pedder's on the Mon morning, which they paid the towing for. They also replaced the front lower control arm and ball joint for me.

I then rang the main office to Pedder's and spoke to the state manager and told him I still had knocking noises in the front end and also now another strange noise. He rang Moorooka to confirm all that had happened and then rang me back to get me to take my car back to them. I am refusing to take my car to someone who CAN'T do the job right in the first place. I still think I have a problem with my front end so what should I do next with this company

Super A-Mart Oxley

On the 11 August 2002 I paid a $367.35 deposit on a Futon lounge and a Queenstown Recliner. I was told of a 6 to 8 week delivery for the items mentioned. After about 4 weeks I rang the store to see how my furniture was going and was told that my futon and mattress was in but the recliner would be about another 4 weeks, I was happy about that.

On the 27th of September I received a phone call to arrange delivery of my furniture. I rang them on the Sat morning requesting them to deliver on that day which they couldn't and as I work 5 days a week I would have to have it delivered the following weekend. ( 9 Weeks ). My daughter Rang Super A-Mart on 1st Oct ( Tues ) to confirm delivery on Sat 5th.

When she asked about what time the man on the phone told her that it would be between 6.00am and 6.00pm, she told him that I would like it around 8.30am, the man on the phone got upset with my daughter and said to her that it would be 6.00am and if they don't get a response to the knock on the door at that hour they would go and not come back. This phone call also confirmed that all of the furniture was in the store. I received a phone call at 4.30pm on the 4th of Oct to confirm delivery of my recliner and the frame to my futon but someone had sold my mattress so that would have to be re-ordered.

After talking to the manager they are delivering another mattress and when my new mattress comes in they will give it too me and she took the price down by $50. My point here is that 4 weeks ago my Futon and Mattress was in the store,someone sold it from under me and now I have to wait another week to get what I ordered. Is there anything that can be done here because it has been 10 weeks and a lot of phone calls.

The Good Guys Mt Gravatt

On the 22 September 2002 I ordered a Air Conditioner from the Good Guys and was told 2 days delivery. As I have said before I work 5 days a week so I left it to the following weekend Sat 28th to pick it up. I drove to Mt Gravatt and enquired as to my Air/Con, only to be told that it would be in their shop on Tues 1st Oct. After much discussion and not getting a Air/con the salesman said he would deliver for nothing on Wed night. On Tues afternoon I received a phone call telling me that it would be another 2 weeks before I would get my air/con.

I rang them back on Thurs morning and had a discussion about my air/con and they talked me into forking out another $60 for a Fujitsu. (My original order was for a Carrier ). I had the Fujitsu delivered out to me only to find out on Fri from another source that it is a smaller unit and will struggle with the room I want to put it in, so now I have a air/con which is too small to do the job I want it to do.

I originally asked for a 3.1kw unit and got a 2.55kw unit. The only thing that they stuffed up was that I got a reverse cycle unit and not a cooling only. Once again I was stuffed around with time and money on phone calls and petrol and still didn't get what I wanted.

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97864aec, 2008-11-20, 11:17PM CST

Hello there,

We are interested to have such a complaint removed from this website.

We wish to point out that as Australias No. 1 Shock Absorber,

Steering and Suspension Specialist, our objective is to ensure through innovation and technical expertise - that every car that leaves a Pedders store performs to its potential in terms of comfort, handling and safety.

In all cases of complaint such as this we encourage our customers to immediately notify our stores of the problem. On this occasion you have not given us the opportunity to respond accordingly. One would assume that it is our first right to respond in person...not a website.

Such comments made on this website have been taken by us as defamation and further action may be taken should further comments be made by you of this nature.

As a customer you have every right to comment on the nature of your job however when done in such a manner on a website it leaves us no right of reply. How is that fair on both parties?

Pedders Suspension is Australia's largest Steering and Suspension based franchise outlet with over 130 outlets in the country. We offer a 2 year 40,000km warranty on our parts and service which is unmatched by any other compeitor in our industry.

Can we suggest you remove such comments from this website or contact myself direct to discuss a suitable opportunity for us to advise on the matter.

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