Aprilia Habana Custom 125 scooter - Aprilia Habana Custom 125 scooter - purchased used in private sale - mechanical problems ensued

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2002 at 12:00am CST by d3c3bd49

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Please note we are based in the United Kingdom May 2002 - we brought a Aprilia Habana Custom 125 - Private Sale only 1700kms on the clock.

June 27 - 2002 - Scooter broke down in Piccadilly early morning. AA called to breakdown in evening after office hours to repair which the mechanic carried out a temporary repair which was sufficient to get the bike home.

June 28 - 2002 - called a number of Aprilia Dealers to discuss having second service done and that 'temp repair' needs to be looked at to ensure what AA guy had done was correct

July - 2002 - Bike taken into Aprilia Dealer for service and check repair made Mechanic noticed wrong nut had been put on the crankshaft from the AA guy - but advised that they could grind the bolt down to accommodate a smaller nut which will work fine. We thought ok - rather than trying to get a claim from AA this will be fine. Mechanic carried out grinding down.

August - 2002 - picked bike up - got it home and it was hard to start and loud noise coming from engine and the starter motor broke down

Took it back to mechanic's and they said that the repair they had done (grinding down the nut - is not compatable with the bike and that it won't work. It will need alot of work done on it to bring back to spec 884 GBP.

Well as you could imagine the bike has only done just over 2000kms and this is not my fault that the AA guy has done a bad repair and stripped the thread on the crankshaft bolt.

Sept - 2002 - wrote to AA advising them of their mechanic's error with estimate of works that need to be carried out to fix the bike (it is completely none rideable)

Sept 2002 - AA replied to say that they believe they are not responsible for the damage, therefore not paying a penny towards repair and state they believe the damage was done prior to them looking at the bike on repair - although they have not made any comments on their repair piece of paper to state that there was anything unusual or damaged on temp repair Oct - 2002 - I have been in touch with Citizen's Advice, Fair Trading Standards but I don't seem to be getting anywhere at all.

We have written to AA again with the 'Aprilia Dealers Specialist report' basically saying that they did do it - but AA are still denying it. The bike is not even a year old and only done under 2500kms - it is someones error but clearly not mine What Can I do - could you please help me - I'm desperate for as much help possible. I look forward to hearing from you. With best regards Steve & Cheryl


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