2001 BassTracker Tahoe Q5L boat - several problems with boat - offered replacement boat

Posted on Friday, October 4th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 95418077

Company: 2001 BassTracker Tahoe Q5L boat - several problems with boat - offered replacement boat

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RE: 2001 BassTracker Tahoe Q5L boat - several problems with boat - offered replacement boat

on 5-10-02 My husband and I purchased a brand new 2001 BassTracker Tahoe Q5L boat ID. BuJ72862I001 Mercruise4.3/190 HP outboard MTRIDOM028621. New 2001 Trailstat1 ax les TLR.ID 4TM16CF121 B001241 Cash price 18,152.00 including taxes and a service contract.

Down payment 1,816.00 On 5-11-02 1st time being on boat, boat breaks down found in wiring harness pier to taken boat out on the water, Gary cleaned the boat from top to bottom noticed water line inside the boat indicating the motor had been surmerged under water for a period of time. 5-12-02 broke down in shipping lane with electical problems alot of smoke coming from dash board .

Clove box fell out, center windshild fell though inward, both sets of seat calasped downward, causing a dangerous situation that was on 5-18-02. no new tags or registration has been sent to us.

July problems with starter getting worse engine noise developes, 7-21-02 felt uncomforable to take boat out on water. 7-22-02 took the boat over to tracker to be expected. 7-23-02 through 7-25-02 it rained very hard. Gary found our boat in the storage yard with the bow of the boat up, can't release any water with bow up. talked to sales rep. 7-26-02 we were told to get in touch with Mike Kiser.

Called Mike on the morrning of 7-27-02 explained to him the first problem though when the boat was put into for service. He then had the boat put into the service bay to be worked on that day.

Mike said starter was order and other problems were being worked on. reasured all problems would be taken care of. Aug. 1st regerstation dead. still no trailer tags. Was in touch in Mike off and on week of the 29th. Aug. 26 Tracker refused to give us are money back, but offered to build us a brand new 2003 .

Same money payments and all as the 2001. Gary excepted. Nathen Long told Mike to tell us we would have our new boat with-in 2 to 3 weeks. Gary and I figuring to be back out on the water around the 26th of September. Call Mike to find out the status of the boat 9/23/02 .

Boat is completed , should be shipped out on 9/25/02. Picked up @ Auradale Mall on the 26th or the 27th. Called Mike on 9-27-02 graphics for the boat won't be in until Monday 9-30-02 to be shipped Wednesday 10-2-02. Called Mike Wednesday 10-2-02 now he says , there still something going on with graphics, the boat won't be shipped until Wednesday the 10-9-02.

Spoke to Mike very angry today, and he seam to feel that waiting a another week for a 2003 should not be a problem. Gary and I am tired of waiting another week, not knowing what the next excuse is going to be. decided to write to you guys. Received a letter this past Saturday, Bank of America wants to know were the title of the 2001 is.

We never received tags, regerstration and now the bank does not have the title. Tracker gave us not just a second set of temps for the trailer, but a second set of temp for the registration also.Gary had the 2001 surveyed on 8-13-02 Marine survey condemded the 2001 said it was unsafe for anyone to be on this boat in this condition have pictures to prove the condition of this boat. Please call us to what we can do. Gary and I fell we could have a very good law case on Tracker.


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