2000 GMC Jimmy - transmission failed at 60,100 miles

Posted on Friday, October 4th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 69b8310d

Company: 2000 GMC Jimmy - transmission failed at 60,100 miles

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RE: 2000 GMC Jimmy - transmission failed at 60,100 miles

Marlene Williamson

RE: 2000 GMC Jimmy Complaint of poor transmission. The complaint I have is about a 2000 Jimmy. I just put on 60,100 miles. Now when I purchased this vehicle it was a program car with 21,000 miles. I have had the Jimmy 1 1/2 years. Without warning I turned a corner and that was it. The transmission was gone. Of course the warranty had already expired.

The dealer says: Sorry out of warranty - you just never know about a car. That will cost $2500 and we can get you a rebuilt transmission. Would you like us to call GM and get a rebuilt transmission or we can go

through a local. A local rebuild job is only 1 year guarantee.

However GM has a three year, (50,000) miles. So of course I chose the three year warranty from GM.

Yes it may have been out of warranty, but this is all Hiway miles. Not to mention that this Jimmy has a special tow package that was never used.

I don't expect a transmission to go out at 60,000 miles without a warning. Not to mention the new transmission that GM only says three years or 50,000 miles. So GM does not back there products that is pretty clear.

This is not only a failure on the workmanship and quality of a GM vehicle, but this is a major safety issue, which luckily did not cause an accident this time, but who

knows next time. has anyone else had this problem before? Susan Cochran


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76b68e55, 2007-11-26, 03:37PM CST

Just had a 2001 Jimmy Transmission fail at 92,000 miles and am spending 2,800 to have it rebuilt. I have 2 children so I can't drive recklessly, mostly all high way miles as well, my opinion is that american made cars are junk, especially GMC.

c7566188, 2008-08-30, 01:22PM CDT

I too have a 2001 GMC Jimmy 94,000mi pulled into a drive to turn around put it in reverse heard a noise now no reverse and shifting is smooth and no high end gears anymore.... wish I would have known the there was an issue like this never would have bought this car... Who has an extra 2-3k dollars these days to soend on something they spent so much on thing they bought a good car from a good company???

b2a58c60, 2009-11-07, 07:08AM CST

I have a 2000 Jimmy that the transmission just went out on. It was diving fine and I turned and heard a pop the it started whining. I pulled into the first patrking lot and had no reverse. My wife lost her job 4 months ago so extra money is hard to come by. No wonder everyone is buying foreign cars and our economy is the way it is. GM does not stand behind there product!!!

764c5592, 2010-01-03, 04:32PM CST

yea i have a 01 jimmy 4x4 i put 154,000 miles on it and it just went out. it probly would have been able to get 200,000 but me and some freinds went mudding and i lost reverse while getting out. i did get out tho but i aslo messed up my tranny

4a5136a6, 2011-01-30, 02:17PM CST

YEA !!!!

I have a 2001 Jimmy, "Diamond Edition" more like crap edition with the towing package, etc. This is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever owned. I think we should get together for a class action law suit. Mine I bought with 42k on it and it didn't even make it 50 miles up the interstate before I had problems. Dealer said ,"SORRY ABOUT YOUR LUCK" They would not let me out of the deal. I have to replaced the front end every 12-16 months with dealer parts, that's a joke too, fuel pump, every sensor, air pump and now the transmission too. My bank was offering finance deals on GM products, I said not on your life!!!!! I will walk first, my feet are more reliable. Oh by the way my GMC that no longer runs or moves, I have 4 payments to go and it's all mine. 102,000 50+ of which is all highway miles....

a39f0265, 2011-02-27, 01:25PM CST

Yes, I bought my 2000 GMC Jimmy from an owner back in 2005 with around 60,000 miles on it and they had just replaced the transmission. Now a couple of weeks ago I went to have some minor maintance done to it and it was brought back to me with no reverse, and slowly couldn't shift into higher gears. Now i'm lucky to get it to go over 30 mph. The transmission is done for once again and will have to be replaced. This will be the 3rd transmission to be put into this car. Very unhappy!

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