Total Gym 3000 - Total Gym 3000 - unable to purchase part from Total Gym - refused to sell parts to 'secondhand' owners of the the machines

Posted on Saturday, October 26th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 2b7f74b0

Company: Total Gym 3000

Category: Sports, Recreation

I recently bought a Total Gym3000 on EbAY. Several companies sell these home gyms, brand new , in the box, for substantially less than you can buy one from Total Gym LLC, who sells them on infomercials on TV. The companies selling these on EbAY can only obtain these Total Gym 3000s from Total Gym LLC because they are only sold on the infomercial featuring Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley.

The new infomercial features the Total Gym XL which replaces the Total Gym3000. Total Gym LLC. had to sell their old stock of Total Gym 3000s otherwise those companies selling them brand new in the box on EbAY couldn't have obtained them in quantities large enough to sell the way they do.

As I stated before I bought one of these brand new Total Gym 3000s, had no trouble with the transaction, and was pleased with the purchase. I called Total Gym LLC customer service to order an optional part and they refused to sell the part to me. They said I had to be the original purchaser to be able to buy a part, simply stating that they refuse to sell any parts to secondhand owners of these machines! WHAT A RIPOFF! IS THIS LEGAL?

Alot of people buy new and used Totalgyms on EbAY and buy used Total Gyms out of their local newspaper's classified adds. NOW NONE OF THESE OWNERS CAN BUY PARTS FOR THEIR GYMS. THIS IS BAD BUSINESS AND COULD POSSIBLY BE ILLEGAL! Don't buy these total Gym 3000s second hand and certainly don't buy them from the manufacturer.

The Total Gym 3000 is not worth $1000. It is worth about what the companies on EbAY are asking for it. Don't let the manufacturer get away with this . If you purchased a Total Gym 2000 or 3000 on EbAY or anywhere else you are a secondhand owner and Total Gym LLC will not honor your warranty or sell optional parts or PARTS FOR GENERAL MAINTENANCE TO YOU! THIS IS WRONG! Send them your complaints. Call their customer service line at 1-888-811-9740. Get them to change this policy.


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e4af81d6, 2008-05-04, 09:00AM CDT

I purchased a TOTAL GYM from Sears in Great Falls, Mt. One of the pulleys were bent. It didn't really effect the operation but I called Total Gym and told them what I had and within 4 days I had a brand new pulley assembly. Not just the pulley, but the entire cable, pulleys, and handles. I have been pleased with them, and I only paid $275.00 for mine. It's the Total Gym Supra.

9d81f48e, 2009-02-28, 07:36PM CST

I also got a total gym second hand (I don't know what model, because a neighbor of mine had found it on the roadside waiting for trash pickup), and when the wheels started to deteriorate I googled replacement parts and found a company that makes parts that are superior to the originals. The wheels especially are expensive as crap, but they're supposed to be nearly indestructable. As for the policy of not selling parts to second hand owners, they won't change it, because they want you to buy a new one, and buy it from them.

a03ee3ca, 2009-06-20, 02:24PM CDT

It is legal for a company to refuse transfer of warranty and or parts or labor for the purpose of maintenance and or repair at their discretion as per outlined in the original sale agreement. It might be "cheaper" to buy via a third-party distributor in the short-term, but it might be "cheaper" to buy via the principle distributor in the long-term --- It is all a matter of legal research on the part of the consumer.

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