Chrysler Financial - Chrysler Financial - 2000 Dodge Mini Van purchase - monthly payment higher than expected - paid $ 3,000 more for van than understood by contract

Posted on Thursday, October 24th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 8d17d978

Company: Chrysler Financial

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Hi - this happened in Nov.1999 , didn`t realize until 2 years later that I had been taken, always thought it would never happen to ME ! I purchased, I should say my daughter made all the arrangements for me to purchase a 2000 Dodge Mini Van.

I was going to purchase it without payments, being newly widowed (2 months) and having my own business without my late husbands help I wasn`t sure if I could cover the monthly payments.

All arrangements, including Insurance were made, van was getting preped, than the manager (I believe) asked me to step into an office, (this wasn`t the salesman who sold the van) convinced me I could do better things with this money, so I financed, left with my CONTRACT and new van.

The monthly payment was suppose to be $365.57, but the coupons for payments arrived the amount was $431.48, I honestly thought I would just pay it off sooner. This is where the 2 yrs. comes in - my daughter saw the difference and called Chrysler Financial, they asked for a copy of the contract, which we sent, this is the one they gave me when I purchased the van, I signed it, my signature went through to another contract which they asked me to initial, they never signed the contract I had.

It was $3,000. higher. I didn't know it was a completely different contract I honestly believed it was a copy of the same one I had. It was too late for Better Business, Consumer Affairs and the Att. General`s Office could not help, but knew about this scam and would back me up if I took it to court. Even wrote Dodge, they were sorry, but dealerships are independently owned.

Well lawyers are expensive and I felt it wouldn`t get me anywhere, just take more of my time and I`d lose more money. 2 contracts - the same van - same day. Now I fully understand the term "Getting away with murder". Thanks for listening. Roseann T. [email protected]


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