Western Union - unable to use Western Union Web site to tranfer funds due to glitches - very upset about experience

Posted on Thursday, October 3rd, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by e8572e2f

Company: Western Union - unable to use Western Union Web site to tranfer funds due to glitches - very upset about experience

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RE: Western Union - unable to use Western Union Web site to tranfer funds due to glitches - very upset about experience

My mission for the month of October is to make sure that every person I come into contact with knows that Western Union is the worst company I've done business with in the last year. They have won my personal Total Lack of Customer Service Award for September 2002. Two days ago, I returned from a three week vacation in Europe. I was extremely tired, especially after going to work the morning after my 9:45pm flight came in.

This morning I was awoken by a close friend who is trying to get back to the U.S. from eastern Europe. His request was simple - a short term loan that would enable him to fly back here, where he would be receiving money and would be able to pay me back.

The dilemma: time. He had about 90 minutes until the travel agency was supposed to close. No problem! I'm all about last minute. I've tackled much more complex problems - especially while in Europe. So I tried the Western Union website (http://www.westernunion.com), which seemed easy enough. Well, the webpage wouldn't load.

I knew it was their issue because my DSL was working on many other pages and this was the first problem I've had in days. After several attempts, I turned to Yahoo! Yellow Pages to find Western Union locations. I found a few in my county, but only one in my city. I called it only to find that although they're open, they don't begin any WU transactions until after 10am. So I decided to give the website another shot. I mistakenly thought that just because I could talk to a tech support person "live" online, that their servers were working again. Boy was I wrong. After another waste of time - this time about 10 minutes - I found that my transaction, including all of my sensitive personal and financial info, was stuck. The next page would not load. I waited for about 15 minutes, during which time I talked to a tech support person "online" again.

They were courteous, but also used a lot of sentences which sounded completely generic and prewritten. In the end (about 20 more wasted minutes later) there was nothing they would offer me to encourage me to use their services. I even spoke with a customer care rep and a SUPERVISOR, who both told me that there was nothing they could do. I proposed a disount in the astronomical amount they were going to charge me to send the $500. They did not comply, insisting that there was no way for them to process such a request. In the end, a northern California bank won - Bank of the West. They completed a transfer of funds to my friend's California Bank of the West account in less than 5 minutes. They were courteous and efficient, and a major contrast to the nightmare I had been through the previous two hours with Western Union. However, my friend had to postpone his return by one full day because it had taken so long to get this all figured out. So, thanks to Western Union, he's stuck in Europe for another full day. How much money is an entire day to you? A complete and total lack of concern, no sense of urgency, and a virtually worthless website (which I had previously heard from friends has been riddled with issues) are what was offered to me this morning. But no offer of solution or campaign for my business was put forth by Western Union. I guess they figure that they're big enough and they charge enough money for every transaction they perform that they can afford to lose a few people like me. Well, if I have my way, they'll be losing multitudes of potential future customers. I will be encouraging PayPal or CitiBank's money transfer system, and completely slam on Western Union.

People deserve to hear horror stories like mine so that they can realize what some companies and corporations actually put the average consumer through. It should be noted that after this 2.5 hour international incident, I was not even able to go back to bed before having to get ready for work. Luckily, the Bank of the West branch was close to my home. However, time is - and always will be - MONEY. And they wasted my precious reserves of both this morning when they managed to convince me that I'd sooner stick money in the pouch of a carrier pigeon than send money to the next town using Western Union's services. I hope that you will consider my terrible experience and also consider NOT giving them your business. Find another way. They will waste your time and not offer you anything for it. Besides, they charge fees which should be classified as extortion. Hell, my credit card company charges less for a $500 cash advance than WU charges to send $500 to a regular person. So what exactly can YOU afford when it comes time to send money to a friend or loved one who's in a pinch?


f5580305, 2008-06-12, 01:54PM CDT

I have also had problems with Western

Union on several occassions. But today

tops it all. They say I don't meet their

requirements to send money and they won't tell me what those requirements are,I have been useing them for several months. I read back to them all the money that has been taken out of my checking account but they didn't care. My expereince with the online personnel is they are given a transcript to read and they can't think for themselfes. So I encourage everyone to go to Walmart its cheaper.

ee61d7cb, 2011-03-01, 01:34PM CST

This is March 1, 2011 and Western Union website is sucking again.

1. I tried to check the status of a money transfer (receipt in front of me). Entered the MTCN number and get this error message:

"W0131 We do not have an order with the provided information. Please verify your information and click Check Status of another transfer."

That is complete BS as I have the original receipt right in front of me and I know how to enter an MTCN number. I said fine, let me contact the online customer service. Bad idea. First there is no live chat option and secondly and this is worst part, the website submission form to contact customer service is B R O K E N.

In the section where you have to enter "Detailed Question, Inquiry or Concern" -no matter what you type it returns the following error.

'Your Detailed Question, Inquiry or Concern may contain only English letters, numbers, spaces and the characters [-] and [,]."

I wasn't typing in pinyin, nor in Russian. The website is outright dysfunctional.

3. I then thought well let me check how much it would cost me to send money from USA to Canada. Again, bad idea. Even that part of the website is dysfunctional. When you enter your city and zip code etc, it keeps returning the following error:

"Please provide valid city name."

I have been living in the same city for 15 years and I am sure I know that it's name is valid and I know how to spell it -San Rafael. But no, Western Union website doesn't think of it as a valid city.

After wasting good half hour or so on their website, I gave up. What a shame. What a shame.

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