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Posted on Saturday, October 19th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 2b5b7000

Company: Advanced Moving System

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REGARDING: Advanced Moving System DOT# 883866 MC#398043 BETTER MOVING SERVICES 4582 NORTH HIATUS ROAD FT LAUDERDALE FLORIDA, 33351 SHELLY COHEN (COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_68516#) What was supposed to be a thrill and an exciting day became an absolute nightmare. I contracted with the moving service BETTER MOVING SERVICES 4582 NORTH HIATUS ROAD FT LAUDERDALE FLORIDA, 33351 SHELLY COHEN after they had given me the best price over the internet for moving my belongings from NY to Florida. I had quit my job and was moving down there "cold" to start a better life for my family (particularly my 3 year old son). I sent them a DETAILED list of what I needed to move and received and estimate of 910 cubic feet at $2.50 per cubic foot. Not Bad! at $2,125. I could easily handle the price. As soon as they arrived, I KNEW it was trouble. The truck was a disaster! Empty cartons and debris strewn all over. We began to discuss price. Although I had informed the salesperson Shelly that I lived on the second floor, this was not taken into consideration in my estimate. First surprise. The gentleman explained that I would have to pay an extra $75 per flight or $300 (I live on the 2nd floor but since the stairs twist, there are 4 SMALLER flights). After an exasperated argument, he agreed to LET me pay $150...the first unforeseen expense. Then, although we had disconnected all electronics and broken down every piece of furniture ourselves, we were informed that everything needed all kinds of "corrugated boxing" and bubble wrap for protection or else it "may" be damaged? So, how roughly did they expect to handle my furniture?? I was to find out. I agreed to the corrugated boxes for my newly purchased bedroom set and went out and bought my own bubble wrap. I paid $20 for 175 feet. They wanted $1 per foot for theirs. That would have been around $175!!!! Ridiculous. Luckily, I escaped that expense but I endured the aggravation of wrapping every Tv, computer monitor, and lamp myself! As the men were packing the truck, my fiance noticed large gaps above and between the furniture, deliberately left by the workers. He pointed them out and they were begrudgingly filled. (remember, we're paying by foot, so every inch left empty is money out of our pockets!) We have a huge 3 piece entertainment center with lots of space for TV, stereo system etc..The piece was put into the truck facing backwards...hence, none of that space could be used to pack other items. After it was brought to my fiance's attention, he confronted the worker and made him turn it around so that we could utilize the extra space. All this imposed honesty must have really irked the "manager worker" because he practically dragged all my possessions down the flights of stairs. For a visual, picture a 6 foot leather couch being squeezed between the same wall and railing over and over again until the sofa finally scraped through and the imprints of the railing as well as the white paint of the wall were scraped into the upholstery. My passionate cries of "whoa, take it easy" fell upon deaf ears and I almost felt violated as I watched my belongings that I picked out with care, and acquired with my hard earned money, being treated with with callous and disregard. Remember that estimate of 910 cubic feet??? What a joke! Although everything on the truck was precisely what I told Shelly I needed to move, my cubic feet amounted to 1,300!! I can see a goof of 100 maybe even 150 cu. feet, but 400 cu. feet?? was this coincidence?? I think not and I'll explain why. After a 7 hour day of grueling packing, wrapping and moving (yes, we did help the movers ALOT) I was told that the extra cubic footage was going to be penalized monetarily. In other words, 410 cubic feet was going to be charged at $4.50 as opposed to the agreed upon $2.50. This would have meant a difference of $1,845 or almost twice the estimate!. I was LIVID. I got the supervisor on the phone and with no discretion, explained to him that he was a fraud and that I was being scammed. From the moment the workers walked in the door I felt as though I was a 6 inch screw and they were a Phillips head. While I was on the phone with the supervisor, my fiance was on the porch with the visibly shaken mover (up to this point I had been sweet as pie...offering soda, water, the use of my microwave for their lunch and now I had been coerced into becoming an irate, fed up consumer whose adrenaline was flowing at top speed and who could taste the bile rising in her language had gotten quite harsh as well) explained that he was prodded into getting the extra cubic feet out of the customer by the company and getting the customer to buy unnecessary shipping supplies. He magnanimously admitted that he calculated a true and fair cubic footage for us. Yes, he gave us a fair cubic footage ONLY after my fiance went out to the truck with his OWN tape measure and questioned him 3 times about his results. All three times he conceded that he had made a "mistake" otherwise, we would have been overcharged by about 300 cubic feet.


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