Kissimmee Toyota - Kissimmee Toyota, Kissimmee, FL - purchased Toyota 4 runner 2 years ago - paid more for vehicle than realized

Posted on Wednesday, October 16th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by e10d829c

Company: Kissimmee Toyota

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Two Years Ago I Purchased a Toyota 4 runner from Toyota kissimmee and when I was purchasing my car I told the salesman that the only way I would purchase the Toyota was if they paid of my car which was a 93 camri that was in great condition

and the salesman made me believe that he was however during the purchase not one of the managers who I had an encounter with told me that they were going to buff the price of the purchase with $ 5000 since it was so clear that I was very trusting and that was the first thing we agreed on with the sales man however during the signing of all the papers not one person mentioned the buff,

all they were saying was initial here sign here and so two years later I call my bank and I asked them what my pay off is and they told me an incredibly high number and when I asked them why my pay off was so high they said it was because the car dealers had buffed the price up by $ 5000

so what I did was I called the car dealer and I spoke to David Maus the GM and according to him this was a usual way for them to sell cars. However I did not stop there I called the vice President of Kissimmee Toyota and I faxed them the details and he called me back and told me he would look into it and them I got a call from their finance department

and the person on the line was trying to intimidate me by telling me that I was harassing them. Please advise on what my next step should be I would like to make sure that they do not do this to anyone else because instead of being a straight deal they hid details like this because they know that they had my trust

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