Earthlink DSL - trying to get bogus $ 150 early termination fee reversed

Posted on Saturday, October 12th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by bc471e09

Company: Earthlink DSL - trying to get bogus $ 150 early termination fee reversed

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RE: Earthlink DSL - trying to get bogus $ 150 early termination fee reversed

Here is a copy of my complaint letter. After all that happened, I am still trying to get Earthlink to reverse a $150 early termination fee they have charged my credit card for twice now - even though A) I cancelled it after a year was up and B) I cancelled the service because they could not provide it!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr.

To: Earthlink DSL Dear DSL non-providers: I just wanted to write to let someone, anyone, who dares read this letter, know how utterly disappointed I am with Earthlink AND Covad. I have been an Earthlink subscriber for years, since Earthlink was an Internet infant aspiring to excellent service.

Now, it seems the name Earthlink has become synonymous with any other big phone company who believes service is inversely proportional to sales, and who relegates customers into phone menu hell only to finally get a support agent who says, "I'm really sorry, there is nothing I can do." That is something AOL does, not (I used to think) Earthlink. My DSL inexplicably lost sync approximately 2 months ago. I will do you a favor that was not done for me: I will recount my earthlink experience in short easy steps. I will not, however, re-explain my problem at each step, as Earthlink seems to prefer: - Approx. fifteen phone calls. Both from work and home. Testing my system, Earthlink’s system, the phone system, and the modem. - Covad flakes TWICE on promises to come out and check the wiring. o The first time my 8am appointment was cancelled at 7:30am. o The second time I actually took a morning off work, no one called or showed. - It is now a month from my original call. - Several calls to/from Earthlink convincing an Earthlink employee to plead my case to Covad and come out when I am not at work since I nearly got fired for taking the morning off the last time. - More calls from Earthlink to Covad. - More calls from Earthlink to me. - Covad refuses to cooperate. - More calls back and forth. - I decide to downgrade to dial-up and stop this farcical time wasting nonsense. - It is now two months from my original call. - Earthlink calls to reschedule Covad. Again. I tell them it’s good timing because I will have some vacation days. - Earthlink calls me back to say that Covad insists they CHARGE me for the visit. - I laugh. And then say a definitive ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT’ - I ponder what a great scam Covad has going and wonder if they disconnected me in the first place. - An Earthlink support person calls and gives me “one last hope”. I can switch a gobbledegook thingy to SBC instead of Covad but I will have to call a new number. - I call that number, wait for 15 minutes for a support person, who tells me she will try but she has to terminate my gobbledegook thingy with Covad and the she can TEST my line for the SBC gobbledegook thingy, and will email me at a future time. - Oh, and I forgot to mention the uncountable calls to Earthlink’s billing dept. Despite my urges to berate your employees, which, I have to admit would have provided enormous satisfaction and relief, I resisted and was nothing but pleasant to all earthlink employees, since I try to live by The Golden Rule. Most earthlink employees were actually hope inspiring and attempted to be helpful but kept getting beaten by the the brick wall / evil overlord that Covad apparently is, as well as a lack of empowerment to do anything beyond beg Covad for help. I feel as if I have been scammed by the best living con artists. I have wasted hours of my time, lost work wages, STILL don’t have my DSL up and running, and experienced an appalling amount of frustration over this whole issue. If I had the inclination, I actually think I would sue you guys for fraud and emotional distress, with a sprinkling of medical malpractice if I thought I could get away with it. Currently looking for an actual DSL “Provider”, N. Criona


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08523658, 2008-08-07, 05:08PM CDT

Hello, I too have been having an awful time with this company. They left a voice mail message telling me that they could not connect my DSL because it was already on my line BUT continued to charge me for it.. now they want $135 from me after I cancelled it (dial up) over a month ago.. Do you now of any contact person or address, phone number anything. They are not getting another penny from me.. It has been nothing but grief.

Thanks Anne

c458eec9, 2008-10-11, 10:55AM CDT

Instead of calling them call a Lawyer maybe some lawsuits will open their eyes!! Sue for court fees and ask for the largest amount you can sue for..relate all the hell they put you through..and take your proof..including a signed letter from your boss stating how you almost lost your job because of their lack of customer service!!

567c6a88, 2010-03-22, 03:53PM CDT

i think they should refund our money betty brown

306ff20e, 2010-05-16, 01:55PM CDT

I think they should refund our money, and it's a horrible thing that we all got scammed>

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