1999 Volkswagen Golf GTI - persistant window failures

Posted on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by d780cee3

Company: 1999 Volkswagen Golf GTI - persistant window failures

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Complaints.com received the following consumer message on September 30, 2002:


RE: 1999 Volkswagen Golf GTI - persistant window failures

This golf is somewhat fun to drive around when it works but it was only working for three months after I

bought it. Three months after my purchase of a new 99 GTI, the driver side electric window failed. Something

broke inside the door and the glass fell down.

The passenger passenger side broke a few weeks afterward just before exceeding 1000 miles. Both were repaired, but then driver side broke again six months later, then passenger again and so on. Currently, the passenger side is failed and inside the door. I have plastic taped over it but I am unable to use the car for much because it can be easily stolen. This brings the total up to 7 window failures. In addition to the windows, my rear safety belt jammed and is still unfixed, orange chemicals oozing out of

doors, glove box broke, sunroof fell of track, and plastic levers broke off seats. This window problem has been a real inconvience and is unacceptable. Repetative problems like this are unacceptable from a new car. I am now in the process of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureu, Volkswagen of America, PA

attorney Genreral and PA consumers advocates office. I am demanding Volkswagen buy the vehicle back.


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