1993 Crown Victoria engine failure at 25,000 miles, two times

Posted on Sunday, October 28th, 2001 at 11:00pm CST by 31271816

Company: 1993 Crown Victoria engine failure at 25,000 miles, two times

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_____________________ I don't know what your engine problem was but I had a simlar experience with a 1993 Crown Victoria. Both the Crown and Marquis use the 4.6L V-8. This engine was new I believe in 1991. I had two engine failures, both at approximately 25K miles each. Ford replaced the first engine with a remanufactured engine under warranty and my time and use loss. The second engine was replaced with a remanufactured engine (even though I was told it was "new") and Ford insisted that I split the difference in the cost of the change. At 53K miles I was out of warranty. My share of the cost exceeded $1800 out of pocket. I investigated the problem and believe the failures were created by blowback of gasoline into the oil which created sludge. The sludge then clogged the oil pickup screen and blocked the lubrication process. Both failed engines had scored cams. One of these engines failed while I was turning a corner at a busy intersection. Guess what? No power brakes! I had my teenage son with me at the time and we were extremely lucky not to have been in an accident. I contacted several police departments and found that their fleet vehicles were being sent in for engine replacements quite frequently and the symptoms were the same. When my third engine was installed in 1996 I was able to get the parts list and noted that the manufacture of the oil pickup screen for the latest engine was also 1996. I believe they increased the size of the oil pickup screen That engine is still in service and has approx 114K miles on it. I know there have been others who bit the bullet on this engine because it was/is in many Ford models. I'm still waiting to become a member of the class action suit.


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