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Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by 924e46c2

Company: Evil doers - Allstate, Hulsey roofing

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RE: Evil doers - Allstate, Hulsey roofing

My complaint goes out against the city of St.Louis, Allstate Ins.Co.and a contracting co.by the name of Hulsey roofing. The three have managed to put my family through living hell.

The city by breech of contract Allstate Ins.co.by perjury Hulsey roofing by failure to have insurance on their business, failure to answer a court order,and all arouind disregard for damages they are

legally respondsible for.

The city, under a church used as protection,in the name of Joint Neighborhood

Ministry,A.K.A.(S.H.A.R.P.)Supplemental Housing Assistance and Repair Program offered home owners loans to do repairs on their homes. In that contract it was stated,Sharp would fund money and if work was not done to owner satisfaction it would take steps to correct that.Needless to say they didn't !! Allstate Ins.co.committed perjury in a court of law by lying,under oath,how they handled a claim they denied.

Hulsey roofing lied to city agency,who was suppossed to make sure they had ins.They have no ins.for anyone who cares.They also just blew us off over damage to our home while we were under contract with them.They refused to answer a court order for a deposition, refused to show up in court,and got by with having

a warrant for their arrest over these charges. But their statements were used in a court of law,by allatate,against us in a trial.

All three parties named above did everything they could do not to help us after there was thousands of dollars worth of damages done to our home.Each one is guilty of the charges against them and did successfully get by with tearing a families life and home apart with their evil,evil deeds.

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2ab86ba1, 2011-07-26, 08:44PM CDT

Hulsey Roofing has been in business since 1978, has a great reputation, and is insured.

We have never done business with the people/program above. We are often mistaken for other companies, of which we have NO affiliation: ie: Hulsey Exteriors and Roofing; Hulser-Meyer; Hulsey Construction.

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