Northwest Bell - Northwest Bell phone - model #: 39765 with answering machine - machine won't take messages - machine reports that memory is full, despite having deleted all previous voice messages

Posted on Sunday, November 9th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 61476022

Product: phone model #: 39765 with answering machine

Company: Northwest Bell

Category: Consumer Electronics

Hi, i have a cordless phone. It has an answering machine, and im afarid that it doesnt work. Every time i have the answering machine on and someone calls it says that the "Memory is full".

I was just wondering what that ment. All of my past messages i deleted, but it still wont record, and wehn someone calles it always says "Memory is full" do you by any chance know what that means. If so can you notify me at this email so that i can fix my problem.

On the phone it says if help needed call 1-800-888-8990, but every time i call im always on hold and im on hold for a pretty long time to the point were i hang up. Please help me find the answer to my problem.

Phone information:

Bell Phones

By: Northwestern Bell Phones

Model #: 39765

Serial #: K-1061009518-B

Thank You


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