Adelphia cable - Adelphia cable and Internet service, Colorado - huge increase in cost of cable TV programming and Internet services

Posted on Thursday, November 20th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 08ef2525

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In October my husband received a letter from Adelphia Communications for our cable/internet services, stating that their packages were changing and we had to select a new package by November 15, 2003 or they will select one for us according to the price range on what we were paying monthly.

To be honest I did not compare the difference in the packages and did not fully read the pamphlet completely. I assumed, like always, it would be a increase around $5.00 or something to that affect.

Only to my total disbelief they were not only increasing the cost but they are downgrading the premium channels for the montly price. We currently have Digital Basic with 4 premium channels (HBO, SHO, MAX, STARZ) and high speed internet for $107.00 a mth.

Now due to these "wonderful packages" Adelphia is now offering I am going to be paying that same amount for Basic cable, 1 premium channel and high speed internet and to keep the addl premium channels it is going to be approx. $175.00 a month!

I need to know how they can legally get away with this huge increase, that is almost a $60.00 increase, from what I was paying.

Of'course I get a call from Adelphia and the first rep I spoke with told me "Oh, no ma'm it is only going to be $7.00 increase. Your package with your premiums will remain the same." That was sigh of relief, for you see, I have been confined to bed per doctors orders, I cannot even walk to the bathroom without supervision, so you see I have nothing to do but to watch t.v.

So, when I receive the 2nd call from Adelphia the rep stated " You still have to select a package, because if you do not by 15 November 2003, will place you in our Silver Package (which has 1 premium channel)."

When I stated to the rep that I spoke with someone a week ago, and they said it will only be a increase of $7.00 to my mthly charges. The unnerving "I don't know where they got their information from, but they we're incorrect" speech came and of'course there is no history of the last person who called.

Basically, just because you change the name of your packages to expensive mineral name does not mean we should pay the price. If I am now paying $107.00 plus tax mthly for 4 premium channels, and the high speed internet, WHY AM I GOING TO PAY they same amount for only 3rd of what I have now.

Extremely Upset in Colorado,

Vanessa S.

Aymard Camargo


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