A.D. Auto Transport - A.D. Auto Transport, CA - shipped car from CA to FL - paid for service - also billed for $ 125 fine for problem at weight station - don't believe should have been required to pay this extra $ 125

Posted on Thursday, November 7th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 141a3b19

Company: A.D. Auto Transport


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Don't believe should have been required to pay this extra $ 125 I recently shipped my car from California to Florida. The broker I chose, contracted A.D. Auto Transport to relocate my vehicle.

4 days prior to my vehicle arriving in Florida, I was notified by the owner/manager "Dino" that the truck had a problem getting through a weigh station in Louisiana, and as a result I needed to pay an extra $125, to cover the price of the fine.

I specifically asked him to have a copy of the infraction ready for me when I picked up my vehicle, as proof of the fine- he said that would be fine. He has yet to show me proof of the violation, and refuses to return my calls.

I now highly doubt there ever was a fine, and I was taken for $125. He probably does this to many customers and makes extra $ as a result. L. Thompson


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