AOL - AOL - Talk America service - trouble cancelling service - other billing problems

Posted on Thursday, November 7th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 65ead12f

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I, too, have had several bad experiences with AOL. The first was with the Talk America service. I tried to cancel it for months, finally, it stopped when my account was overdrawn one month, and they could not get a payment.

Then they started billing me. I spoke to them several times, and documented the call/person spoke with. They verified the account had not been used in over a year, but still wanted to charge me 10.25 a month....the statements were returned to them marked "service cancelled last year". I haven't received one in awhile. Now the latest problem with AOL. They were notifying me monthly regarding payment withdrawals from my account which reminded me to have the funds there. Suddenly they stopped sending the notices and changed the dates of the withdrawals, and all I have been able to get is an estimate of the date, before the 3rd of the month.

As I did not know about the changes, I did not have the funds available so it did not clear.....I responded to their email with current info, however, they terminated my account. All I can pull up is a phone number for which you have to wait more that 20 minutes for an answer.

The first time this happened, I finally got through and spoke to a gentleman that said my account had been terminated since I had not called within 20/30 days, and that it had been termed that morning. I explained that I had just received this notice, so it could not possibly have been 30 days. He reactivated my account, this was the month before last. Guess what??? Same thing again last month. The charge came through to my account on the 29th of the month, not the 3rd. And again my account has been terminated. I cannot get into the billing information to make adjustments, and cannot get anyone to answer the phone. I had several emails that I needed information from in that account, and have no way of getting them. I had been with them for two years, as I kept having problems with MSN going down all of the time. Well, I now have a DSL line at home which neither of them were capable of providing me with...not available in that area. Any one have any ideas of how to get into the billing account at AOL? This is insane. Now I only want short term service, just to get the info that I had stored there. Had enough!!!!


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