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Posted on Thursday, November 7th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by e83f07f9

Company: Everdry Waterproofing

URL: http://www.everdry.com

Category: Building, Construction

After noticing water puddles along my basement wall after heavy rains, I decided to call several basement waterproofers for their opinions. One was Everdry Waterproofing. I do not know if every Everdry branch is as predatory as the one I encountered, but I believe they all follow the same procedures. First, they give an hour-long sales pitch about how bad your foundation is, the dangers of mold, etc. (They did not even address the issue of my specific problem: where the water was coming in, and what the cause could be.) The price tag for their Everdry "solution" was a whopping $15,000. My wife and I of course said, "No thank you." A couple of days later the calls began. During the day, presumable when the husband is at work, they call and say they just had a cancellation in their schedule, and they can do the job for 10% off. At first, my wife would politely say no, but the calls kept coming, and the sales people were very aggressive. They called and spoke to me or my wife SEVEN times and gave us the same sales pitch. In addition, there were several hang-ups on our answering machine, with the caller ID reading EVERDRY. After the first several calls, I had repeatedly told them not to call again.

They ignored this request. I called their office and said I was going to report them to the BBB. The receptionist said, "Go ahead" like she had heard that several times before. I finally sent a certified letter saying that if I received one more call I was going to take them to small claims court in violation of the Telecommunications Act, which fines up to $1500 per call. That got the calls to stop. As for my basement problem, another vendor recommended putting some fill dirt next to the house to grade the lawn away from the foundation, a coat of dry-lock paint on the walls, and putting a dehumidifier in that

area of the basement. The total cost was about $200, and we haven't had any water since.


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773c8a66, 2007-10-03, 08:00AM CDT

Aggressive sales tactics, used to scare the customer. They will give you a price. When you say no the price will go down due to a ??stand-by?? schedule. Our first quote was $10,000.00, the stand-by quote was $8,000.00. We bought. So far the company has been back 14 times to patch the floor and dig up broken pipes. Their insurance company paid $3,000.00 to repair the damages. A total of 4 pipes leaving the house have been broken. The sump pump filled with waste and was pumped to the street. A year ago the entire project was redone due to improper drainage pipes used on the outside of the house. When the ??Durasheild?? was cut down I needed to scrape and bleach mold from the walls. We now have more mold growing and a damp, smelly basement. D. Schaffer Springdale, PA

fffe6fda, 2008-06-09, 12:58PM CDT

Thank your lucky stars you didn't let Everdry back in your house. Unfortunately, we did. They very happily took our $15,000 and put in some drainage. Problem is, our walls are WETTER THAN BEFORE. After a year of haggling with them, they claim we have "bad block" in our basement. It's now the house's fault? We told them they're full of it. We're still fighting with them. Anybody know a good lawyer?

41fb0f42, 2009-01-05, 03:12PM CST

I am posting to guard against others reading this report and drawing a skewed conclusion about Everdry. Everdry has installed over 120,000 waterproofing repairs across the country, and has an excellent track record of success and satifaction. How could it be the more referred company in the industry otherwise?

In this particular case, it sounds like a homeowner received advice from an alternative source regarding attacking the symptoms of a problem, rather than addressing the cause. Waterproofing paint is not a solution: the waterproofing of a wall must take place on the outside of the wall, or the wall can deteriorate, and cause ancillary symptoms like mold and cracking.

People purchase waterproofing to gain peace of mind - for resale ease, for use of space, to improve the environment - you name it. Because this particular homeowner has not had water since is not a good indicator of the true circumstance in that foundation, as the water that isn't seen is far more harmful than the water which leaks in. Waterproofing paint simply blocks the water's pressure relief. While building up dirt on the outside of a foundation is part of any normal maintenance protocol, it too doesn't address the reason the water got in to the foundation. That requires either faulty drain tile, or faulty exterior wall waterproofing.

After all, if it rains hard and the roof leaks, one doesn't simply chalk the leak up to excessive water, does one?

Hope this flavors the opinion of others reading these posted notices. I would hope it is the practice of complaints.com to notify a targeted party of these issues. A company with their heart in the correct place would do anything they can to correct the condition or situation to make a client happy.

But not if they don't know of the dissatisfaction.

e6640d64, 2009-02-10, 03:05PM CST

I have a concrete block home in Florida. Now and then I notice hair line cracks on the outside walls. Would it be ok to fix the cracks and then paint the wall with dry - lok paint?

4596e32c, 2009-07-21, 10:51AM CDT

Let me start this message by saying that I am a structural engineer. The methods you have chosen to do are only masking a significant problem, and in fact will make them much worse. Adding some fill dirt will increase the pressure to the foundation when that soil gets saturated. If yoy look at the warranty on dry-lock paint is says do noy use when there is cracking or effloressence to walls or floors. Why else would you use the paint if there wasnt cracks that was allowing the water in. Drylock traps the water in the foundation walls the cracks them once the water freezes during winter. As for a dehumidifier, it will actually pull water thru the walls due to the fact that basement sweating is a naturally occuring process. So when the dehumidifier pulls all the water out of your basement, that allows the walls to accept more water in the form of condensation.

cda7ac21, 2009-07-29, 09:45AM CDT

We had a very similar situation. Original job was quoted at $15K. We settled on $11.5K for installation of a sump pump, rip of of concrete, dig out of pipes, etc. We also installed an EZ Breathe to help with the "poor air quality." Our basement is now damper, smellier, moldier than ever and we are now running 2 dehumidifiers. When we run our washing machine, the basement smells like sewer gas! The "Never Dry" maintenance crews have been back to our home 4-5 times now (after several rescheduling attempts causing us major inconveniences!). Lesson learned- get a second opinion before you fall prey to high-pressure scare sales tactics.

43bb4d98, 2009-11-19, 11:13AM CST

These annoying, aggressive phone calls have not let up since 2002 when you wrote this complaint. I have repeatedly told them to STOP calling us. They continue to call with a new phone number. I told them I am reporting them and disconnected my phone for the rest of the day. I am also sending certified letter to take them to small claims court as I have been on the "do not call" cell phone list since October. Do not do business with these people.

0e0dd22f, 2010-01-09, 12:37PM CST

I was an employee of everdry and I can tell you one thing, THEY RIP OF ALL OF THEIR CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES!!

a4d3fe70, 2010-02-28, 03:06PM CST

i was a sales rep for everdry but not anymore.i cant rip people off anymore and YES IT IS A SCAM!!!!!

8b083236, 2010-03-22, 11:40PM CDT

they do not all have the same procedures.........as the locations are all over the place and not all realted. Before ruining the name of good locations you should verify the facts. And no I am not an owner or employee. I know people who have worked in our local office and been a customer.

a83a0da0, 2010-04-21, 03:59PM CDT

After reading this, along with several other complaints, I called to cancel my appointment with Everdry in Atlanta. I was transfered to a second person who asked me why I was canceling, and I told her that it is no longer leaking. (It's not currently, although we've been battling with dampness and leaking for several years.) She asked me what we did, and I told her several things we have done in the past. She told me she wanted to tell me some negatives about the products that we used, and I replied that I was fully aware of the benefits and drawbacks of the product, and I was simply calling to cancel my appointment. She persisted, at which point I told her that my husband had taken care of our needs, and we no longer required their services. She said, "It sounds like he took care of it," in a nasty way and then she hung up on me! It was very unprofessional.

62c043ca, 2010-12-03, 06:43PM CST

I went to work for this no good company as a sales rep. and felt disgusted working under such high pressure built on lies and deception. Most of the appointments were garbage because people can see right through the BS and were only looking for a free analysis which is a drawn out drama filled dog and pony show to intimidate you into their service. Stay away from these crooks. A sales rep usually spends about 8-10 hours a week wasting his time on straight commission when customers call the next day and cancel which is their 3 day right to do. Stay away from these clowns.

65d135ed, 2011-09-01, 03:30PM CDT

Well, of course I went them to the tune of $17,000 and got a friend to sign up at the same price. I've had no water since, but the procedures to get out of my house in 4 days left a little to be desired. Without going into that, I noticed recently that the louvers had curled and fallen off their highly touted EasyBreathe until on the outside of my house. I just talked to service department who said it would cost $25 to replace as this isn't under warranty. I said, but this is a parts failure. Sorry, he said. I told him I was going to post complaint and thanked him for his time. That didn't phase him; he just said to tell the truth. I'm not happy at all. This is very poor customer service.

2c145a28, 2011-10-05, 02:03PM CDT

My Choice Is EVERDRY BASEMENT WATERPROOFING! My grandfather got water in his basement for a year or so, and he wanted to get estimates and see exactly what it would take and how much it would cost. We had Permaseal, US Waterproofing, Safeguard, & Everdry Waterproofing out for estimates. My grandfather really didnt like any of the solutions except for Everdry's. They were more expensive, but more knowledgable and the solutions worked. It has been 7 years now, and not a leak ever since. Now, I have a house of my own, and my first and only call was Everdry Basement Waterproofing. The price might be more, but it is worth it 100%. My house is my largest investment!

dc371861, 2012-03-29, 12:30PM CDT

in milwaukee, had a wet basement wall. I had a neverdry quote for $50,000, said I should live in hotel until fixed. I didn't bite. the next week phone call said sales guy made mistake it is now $25,000, i said no. the next call was from supervisor, said found an error now is $15,000. I was thinking about it , but their sales tactics were leaving a bad taste and i wonder if their service dept was as messed up.

so i called Rickys Excavating at 877-DIRT-911 or www.RickyFixesBasements.com and they did it for $5200. Been bone dry ever since.

don't let the everdry guy within 500ft of your home.

ac91723f, 2012-08-31, 10:32PM CDT

My husband and I decided to use Everdry Waterproofing for our basement water issues in December of 2011. After being on the waiting list for 4 1/2 months we finally had our basement waterproofed on May 4, 2012. The foreman on the job told my husband that the pipe from our sump pump could only be routed right out into the middle of our backyard causing a major puddle every time our washer was ran (since our washer drains directly into the sump pump). We didn't have another option according to the foreman so we just went with it and hoped for the best. About one week after Everdry was done waterproofing our basement, I noticed water all over the floor in one corner of our basement around our water softener. After calling our water softener company out, we found out that Everdry had busted one of the seals on our water softener causing a major leak. We dealt with that and it wasn't a big deal to us we thought... just a minor mistake. Fast forward to just a few days later and our air conditioner quit putting out cool air. After the a/c guy came out, he informed us that it looked like someone had cut the freon line on our unit. We had to call Everdry to come out and look at the unit since they were the only ones who had been around the unit while digging around our basement. Sure enough, the Everdry rep confirmed that their men had accidentally cut the unit. We had to get an estimate from the a/c guy and send it into Everdry and then our a/c guy had to come back out and fix it. This has been a very HOT summer in Ohio and I was worried since we had a 3 month old and 3 year old at the time, but luckily the repair to the freon line was pretty fast. That didn't seem to fix the problem very much though since over the summer, our a/c unit has quit putting out cool air numerous times and each time we have to go and flip the breaker on and off and hope that the air would start working correctly again. We then had an Everdry service guy come out the first week of August just to check everything and make sure the cement was curing and to look for cracks. That's when he noticed that pretty much everything was done wrong and told my husband that they'd be out again on August 31st to re-run our line that was running from the sump pump to our backyard to the appropriate place and "fix it". I was glad to hear that but also upset that the foreman who worked on our house in May acted like there was no other way to run that pipe, when in fact, the way he was doing it was completely wrong and probably just a short cut for him. On August 23rd, my husband came home and heard a strange noise coming from the basement. When walking downstairs, he discovered that the pipe that was ran from our sump pump to the pipe outside had came "un-glued" from the wall and water was spraying all over our basement and mainly on our a/c / furnace unit. It was also spraying water onto the battery backup that was placed next to our sump pump by Everdry and onto the outlet where it was plugged in and smoke was everywhere. If my husband hadn't came home when he did, our house could've easily burnt down. After getting the water to stop he discovered that our a/c unit was saturated and we were surprised that it even kicked back on. He called Everdry the next morning and let them know what had happened and they sent someone out to look at it. That guy just ended up gluing that piece right back onto the same spot and went on his way. On August 25th, our a/c unit quit working for good. Since it was the weekend, we suffered through the heat without a/c and called Everdry on Monday to let them know that it completey stopped working and we didn't want to turn it into our insurance and have to pay a deductible when we had paid $13,500 to get our basement waterproofed and shouldn't have to worry about this problem! They said to get an estimate and send it over to them. We sent the first estimate that night to them. The next day they then told us that they needed two more estimates so we luckily were able to schedule two a/c businesses to come out that night and we sent both of those estimates that night. On Wednesday after calling them, the guy from Everdry tells us that they decided to send it into their insurance and that their insurance would be calling us within an hour or so. My husband spent 2 days trying to track down their insurance agent and was finally able to get ahold of her this morning. She told my husband that they couldn't give us what we needed on the estimates ($6,000), and that we'd be better off just turning it into our insurance and paying a deductible. I'm not sure why a huge company like Everdry cannot spend $6,000 out of their pocket to pay for an issue that they caused? So here we sit on a holiday weekend with a 6 month old (who's hair is wet with sweat as I type) and 4 year old in a house that is sweltering! I sure wish they would've told us from the get go that we would HAVE to turn it into our insurance instead of giving us the run around. We are now going to have to go all weekend and Labor Day without A/C because of their workers who cannot do their job right and we're going to have to pay for it after all! If you don't want unforeseen problems with your basement, then please stay away from this company! They might do a good job "waterproofing" but they sure do not do a good job with customer service!

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