AT&T - AT&T Wirless - replacement NOkia v60 cell phone was refurbished phone - trouble with customer service - text messaging problems - phone charing problems

Posted on Friday, November 29th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 12e69e69

Company: AT&T

Category: Internet Services

I purchased a v60 cell telephone from att wireless during the summer months. since having this phone i have experienced a number of technical problems. each time contacting att wireless about the matter. most recently after having a problem text messaging the costumer service rep. used scare tactics and said that since my phone was still under warranty att could send me another phone. i apprehensively agreed. att sent me a replacement phone that i would be billed for later.

I took offense at being billed but since my phone is my lifeline i took it. the phone was a refurbished phone which not discussed with me. when i called att all i was told was that this is standard practice for phones still under warranty this matter was never told to me. i sent the phone back after the threat that if i had the phone longer than 2 days i will be billed for the phone.

i pointed out to the rep that my phone was a $300 phone (almost) and now selling for under $100 that at least att could do was send me a new phone and i would send the broken one back. i was rebuffed and told that was not the practice i would have to send the phone to Motorola for a replacement despite the fact i brought it from an att cell phone store in new york. wait maybe 4 to 6 weeks for either a replacement or repair. in that time i would lose my number and have to have a new number reissued when i receive the phone. i have had this number since i got cellular service maybe 5 years ago. so now i am without "simple" text messaging..

today my cellular will not charge so i again call att against my better judgment and get told that my phone model has had nothing but complaints and is being constantly sent to warranty for repairs that are not repaired. this rep stated that i should get a nokia 6360 because "everyone he asks is wild about the phone he never gets any complaints" at this time i informed him that i want a flip phone which is why i got rid of my previous phone. he said then there is nothing he can do but offer me a discount towards another phone.

i am in their computer as is im sure a number of v60 att cellular phone owners and for one month i have done nothing but complain about the phone and they (company representatives) knew of the "faulty" of this particular brand of phone. and they offer a discount the is close to what i paid for my phone. a phone still under warranty this is not fair to the consumer. can u help me.


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