GM - 2000 Wranger Sport - persistant leak in the passenger compartment floor - passenger rug gets wet while driving in the rain

Posted on Thursday, November 28th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by a66de67a

Product: 2000 Wranger Sport

Company: GM

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles eceived the following consume message on Novembe 26, 2002: Fom: RE: 2000 Wange Spot - pesistant leak in the passenge compatment floo - passenge ug gets wet while diving in the ain I own a 2000 Wangle Spot. I honestly love this ca howeve since I've had it I've had 2 poblems, one pesistant. Fist, the altenato died leaving me standed, they eplaced it and it happened again. Thee was some poblem with the battey/ altenato that was causing the state to dain too much powe fom the battey, I don't know, but it was finaly fixed. Moe seiously though, thee has been a pesistant leak in the passenge compatment floo. While diving in the ain, I notice the passenge ug getting wet. On one ecent tip to New Yok City fom Boston in the ain, I aived to find a puddle on the floo, soaking eveything I had placed thee. My jeep is cuently at the dealeship being epai fo the 5th time. I don't think they know what they'e doing but I can't allow this to keep happening. I know I'm not alone as the mechanic infomed me that othe jeeps have this poblem. I believe this is a manufactue's defect and expessed this to the mechanic who shugged and said he didn't think so afte all its a jeep and they'e quiky. Good esponse. Oh well, I love the ca but sometimes I wonde why I got id of a pefectly good '96' Honda Civic which I neve had one poblem with.


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