Kodak Advantix C750 - film door would not open - quoted $ 100 to fix camera

Posted on Tuesday, November 26th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 30ec9680

Company: Kodak Advantix C750 - film door would not open - quoted $ 100 to fix camera

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RE: Kodak Advantix C750 - film door would not open - quoted $ 100 to fix camera

This is a copy of my correspondence with Kodak

Question: We bought a C750 Advantix for my granddaughter for Christmas 2 years ago. She was going to be

taking photography in her senior year at high school. I had researched all similar cameras on the internet and also with Consumer reports. This camera seemed to be the best choice. She liked the camera and used it for about 15 months. I doubt if she took more than 12 rolls of film.

She tried to load the first roll of film she was to use for her senior class and all of a sudden the film door would not open. I asked about the warranty and she doesn't remember whether she ever turned it in and if I know kids I would guess she didn't. I took the camera back to where we purchased it and they told me it would cost $100 to fix it and that it was not worth it. I found this absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!

I have a Pentax that has never needed repair and it is 30 years old. I also have a 20 year old Minolta point & shoot that also still works fine and has never needed repair. Now I understand why the Japanese have taken over the consumer electronics market. I bought a Kodak because of the ratings and also because I really wanted to buy "American"(at least from an American company).

A dozen rolls of film exposed on a camera that cost about $150 and now it is broken? We could have a professional photographer take pictures and still have money left over. I tried your web site for trouble shooting and the recommendation of setting it to mid-roll change and then opening the door did nothing. I hope you can tell me how we can get this camera to open. if I have to throw it away I am going to be very angry. Category: HomeConsumer

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Name: Margaret Wright


City: Willingboro

State: NJ

Zip/Postal Code: 08046 Their reply:

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We received your note sent to Eastman Kodak Company and were concerned to learn of a Kodak Advantix C750 zoom camera that is not functioning, as it should. Please let me apologize for any frustration experienced. If the camera has power, but it's functions, such as the rewind button will not release the film door, we would suggest leaving the camera as is. Whether film door, buttons or latches, it's most important not to force these, as this can void any remaining warranty. The camera is light-tight at this point, and the film is protected. As soon as possible, when any concerns arise, we would encourage our customers:


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