Gateway computer - Solo 2000 laptop - upset with service received

Posted on Saturday, November 23rd, 2002 at 12:00am CST by c7c84f4b

Company: Gateway computer - Solo 2000 laptop - upset with service received

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RE: Gateway computer - Solo 2000 laptop - upset with service received

I have been an extremely unsatisfied burden to Gateway for roughly 2 years and have yet in which to actually witnees them do one simple thing correctly or even follow through with their promises! My girlfriend was given a Solo 2000 laptop and as it is a few years old I thought it should have a few newer components installed. Since she already has an account with Gateway I reluctantly called to order a memory card, a battery, and a modem. After what seemed an eternity someone finally greeted me on the phone and asked to help me. Before I could even finish my sentence I was told that I needed a different department and was transferred without even waiting for my response!

Completely unprofessional and rude! After another 10 minutes, someone else came on the line and asked if I could be helped. I once again requested the items I wanted to order and added that I simply want to spend my hard earn money with their establishment, please? I noticed that the individual was having some difficulty in locating the items so I got on-line and searched for them as well. Now I haven't the faintest idea as to what a laptop requires as far as a modem is concerned so I searched for and found the memory card I needed and asked to order it. He then claimed to have found the modem and rattled off some ridiculously high price which I accepted. After the rep gave me the totals for the 2 items I chose to forget the battery.

Now I may be crazy but I am of the thought that representatives of businesses are for the most part trained and fairly knowlegable in the products they sell, especially when the system requirements are listed directly under the item! Nonetheless, 5 days later a package was left on my doorstep by UPS. (Apparently they no longer knock on peoples doors. They just toss it next to the door, but they are another complaint!) When I opened the package i was disappointed to find that only the memory card was enclosed. No other item or any kind of document stating "item back ordered" or nothing! I went ahead and installed the memory and soon forgot about the modem.

A week or so passed and I got to thinking about the laptop and realized I had still not received the much needed part nor had I been informed as to any type of delay by Gateway. I went through the expected motions of getting the wrong person on the phone and then being transferred to yet someone else whom exhibited the standard low IQ that all Gateway employees are required to possess but was eventually told that the modem had been back-ordered. No contact whatsoever as to explain the delay which really irritated me!

Another 2 weeks had gone by and I mustered up the energy and self control in which to again make that call! I was able to then reach the knowlegable and professional rep that had actually placed the order who told me the order had inadvertantly been cancelled! CANCELLED!

2 days later I finally received the modem and was irrate to find that It had been sent the wrong one! Almost a month later and it turns out that the rep ordered me a modem that in no way works with the system I explained to him I had!

Calling Gateway once again to make right the wrong that Gateway had once again bestowed upon me, I got a rep and ezplained the situation. Before calling I had the good sense in which to find the part number of a modem that would actually work and relayed the number to the rep and requested he have the paperwork I needed in which to return the useless item back to them, which coincidently has been a charge on the credit card for almost two months now accruing interest charges! To date I have received the correct modem, but still no shipping paperwork! I am furious!

Not one single time have I ever had a good experience with these people!

I am an avid reader of the bad experiences the unfortunate consumer posts on this site and I think to myself, It's no ones fault but our own! As consumers we get treated bad at just about every retailer, service provider and even our own financial institutions because we want to simply help in increasing their yearly revenue by purchasing their goods. Yes we are ignored, disrespected, and made to feel as though we are not worth the extra effort it would require to make sure we actually get what we want.

Shame on us though, because even as badly as we are treated we continue to help them flourish by returning to once again be made to feel "less than" time and time again! Businesses are very clear on the understanding that we will return and we do! The only way we can ever hope to change the way the consumer is looked upon is to read the experiences on this site, recall your own and stop returning to the same places simply because of convenience. I have made it my personal mission in which to bend the ear of anyone willing to listen about these companies that continue to profit at our expense!

Ron Mason San Mateo, CA


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