10th District Court - 10th District Court, Battle Creek, MI - excessive fine given to Canadian Citizen for speeding 5 mph over the speed limit

Posted on Saturday, November 23rd, 2002 at 12:00am CST by a5534511

Company: 10th District Court


Category: Government, Police

My wife and I were going to Chicago to visit our grandchildren.We were driving through Battle Greek Michigan and were stopped for speeding .We were fine for driving 5 miles an hour over the speed limit which was alright by us and paid the officer 50.00 dollars US on the side of the road.With everyone else speeding we fill that we were picked because we are Canadian. We thought that was our fine for speeding and that was it.

Visited the kids for Halloween and returned home to Canada.This week Oct 20 /2002 received a default judgement from the 10th District Court 161 East Michigan Avenue Battle Creek MI that we still had a balance due of 75.00 US because we were to appear in court for this fine. Here is how the fine is calculated Fine 15.00 Court cost 76.00 State cost 9.00 Misc because it was not paid for in 14 days 25.00 Total 125.00 less 50.00 Bond.

This is all in US dollars. I don't mind paying for something I did wrong but fill this fine is too high and nothing to do but pay it as we will be traveling to the United States in the future.I still think the United States is a great country and we as Canadians do not need this kind of B.S. when we visit . I guess that's it I just had to voice my concerns on this matter.


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