WeatherShield Windows - WeatherShield aluminum-clad wooden windows and doors - one year warranty guarantee began at time of purchase, not installation - upset with quality - seals collapsed - wood stained

Posted on Friday, November 22nd, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 4bbbe3ce

Company: WeatherShield Windows

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RE: WeatherShield Windows

I wrote about the WeatherShield windows a few months ago and this is the update.

My WeatherShield windows are still leaking rain water. The wind and dust are still swirling through the gaps in the frames and around the worthless, non-functioning seals and warped vinyl guides; the wood is rotting. Replacing windows is a major renovation job.

The WeatherShield Company has ignored me ever since I refused to pay $900.00 for an official inspection. Apparently, the inspection by the local dealer and the state representative was not good enough nor an 'official' inspection. It has to be done by the Regional representative.

This is just more of corporation's lack of concern for consumers. The corporations know they can get away with it because we, the consumers, are complacent. The corporations are not afraid of us, and therefore, really don't care what our problems are with their products.

Here are some fighting ideas: Getting mad first helps.

1. File in Small Claims Court. You can recover all expenses and the cost of the product. The corporations are not going to waste their time defending themselves in every little town in America. Their payment to you is court-ordered. Once they receive the notice to appear they will probably send you a check before actually going to court.

2. Letters! Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce (This one could be a waste like here in Las Cruces, New Mexico.), Money magazine, etc., etc..

3. Electronic debiting is handy and popular. It's cheap for the corporations, but are the savings passed to you? Do you really TRUST the corporations to dip into your bank account? When they make a 'mistake' by 'accident' they get to hold millions of dollars. Even if they repay those that complain, what about the thousands that don't even notice their money is gone? DirecTV 'accidentally' charged me $00.75 (75 cents). I got it back. Corporate ripoff: 75 times 100,000 equals $75,000 just for that month. I'm sure DirecTV has more than 100,000 customers.

4. Don't buy products that offer a rebate! What is the point? They hold your money and may never give you the rebate. It's an advertising gimmick. I've sent in rebate forms with receipts and never heard from them. They just want to see what the products are selling for around the country so they set the prices.

Paul Weinbaum, COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_39730# received the following consumer message on November 20, 2002:


RE: WeatherShield aluminum-clad wooden windows and doors - one year warranty guarantee began at time of purchase, not installation - upset with quality - seals collapsed - wood stained

I bought $11,000 worth of WeatherShield aluminum-clad wooden windows and doors in January, 1998. The dealer said order them early so that they will be here when you need them. The one year guarantee starts when you buy them. I lost four months in this deal. I was building my own house and the dealer stored the windows for me.

It does not rain much in southern New Mexico. By the time the warranty ran out the rains came and all the exposed windows and doors leaked. The wood is stained by the rain. This is when I really looked at the windows. All the seals had collapsed. The vinyl strips warped. This was in the first year of use.

In December, 2001, I saw the dealer who asked how the windows were working. I told him and, of course, he said no way, you installed them improperly. He said he would get the district representative to come look at the windows. They showed up and the rep said you did a good job installing the windows. Look! The seals are bad. The vinyl is warped!

You can see where the rain comes in. Look! There is light coming through the corners of the windows! The rep turned to the dealer and said order new seals and new vinyl strips. They left and I have not heard from them since. I called the dealer a few months later and the seals had come in, but he forgot to order the vinyl strips. That's the last I heard.

I wrote WeatherShield and they referred me to their Western Service Coordinator, Mr. Flippant!, who wanted $900.00 to come look at the windows. He must have wanted to work a visit into his vacation plans.

Since I purchased my windows Consumer Reports has published a window report. Please read it before you purchase windows. I could have saved several thousand dollars buying windows that I had overlooked. There was no Lowe's or Home Depot here at the time.

Paul Weinbaum, 11025 Black Hills Road, Las Cruces, NM 88011


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2fa55fed, 2010-07-29, 01:14AM CDT

See my class action complaint against this company at

8843e65d, 2010-12-02, 06:02AM CST

I had built a house in 2005 and my weathershield windows are just JUNK. They leak horribly. I have to put up that crappy plastic over windows in the winter so my bedrooms stay warm. I have had no help from MIllard Lumber in Omaha, the builder Mark McKeever of Welcome Homes nor the manufacturer. New windows are gonna break the bank here.

413374eb, 2011-02-01, 03:27PM CST

I had Weather Shield windows installed on a new construction 7 years ago. Six years later the seals have broken, latches cannot be closed and air leaks through them. I put an addition on 3 years ago and the same window was installed. Air is coming through them and the closures are not working correctly. A total of 23 older and 18 newer windows.

LEO H., 2011-05-22, 01:36AM CDT


a37ed5e1, 2013-02-18, 01:10PM CST

Not only did it take months on end to get a response to a warranty repair inquiry from Weather Shield Windows, their reply was that they only warrant their product to 50%. And for some unknown reason my eyebrow arch window isn't even covered at all, even though the interior decorative element has clearly fallen. There was no offer to send out an inspector, so their version of what constitutes "product failure" is different from the consumer's. I then inquired about why the window is not covered at all by posting it to the company's Facebook page, and they promptly deleted it. So much for caring about the customer, eh? Our townhouse association has a dozen WS windows that have failed, ranging from broken seals with moderate to severe condensation, to the fallen elements between the panes. I believe they lost a class-action lawsuit last year, which now comes as no surprise, as there is obviously an issue with how they treat their customers and warranty work. It will be well worth the time to investigate an alternate solution with a different vendor.

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