AOL - AOL - charged for service on account of former roommate - upset with service from AOL

Posted on Friday, November 22nd, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 22146002

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

ust had a nasty run in with an AOL service rep about an account that isn't even mine. A former roommate used the free AOL trial software but moved out without cancelling it. Well, when the charge showed up on my phone bill, I gave them a call. As I believe they intend to frustrate and bully into paying them, I wasn't surprised to be given several different numbers to call by various service reps. Finally, someone gave me a faz number and told me to send them the info and all would resolved. I waited five business days with no response, so I called again. This time I got someone helpful who cancelled the account and managed to refund me all but five bucks. I know how these companies are, so I just considered it a victory. guess what? Yep, next phone bill arrives and there's a charge for 28 bucks and some change. Call again. This time I am told that I cancelled the account after the billing date and therefore another charge was billed to me. Is this making sense to anyone but the rude service rep who fed this line of bull? She (wish I'd gotten her name, but was too furious to see straight) claimed that my former roommate defrauded me and that I should get the money from him. Here's the kicker, my former roommate subscribed under an assumed name. I asked why they didn't verify whether or not he was authorized to charge to my account and she said they had done so. Not to thourough if they couldn't even verify that he gave them a fake name. So, in short, he defrauded them and they threw it back on me. I wrote to my Congressman complaining about companies that do this sort of thing but that won't get my money back. I think my thirty-three bucks or so is lost forever, but what happens if you don't pay? They screw you over. Ahh, the corporate greed that has taken over this republic of ours. Any suggestions are welcome, Don


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